How to clean your PC screen?

by Kelvin
How to clean your PC screen?
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Cleaning your computer screen (monitor or laptop) requires both skill and a minimum of equipment. We tell you the right actions to take and those to avoid in order to preserve the integrity of your computer screen.

Traces, even tasks, it is very difficult to keep the screen of our computers perfectly clean. So that to keep a minimum of comfort, we should regularly clean our devices. But not just how: a screen is fragile, and there are a lot of bad manipulations to avoid so as not to damage it during the cleaning process.

The equipment you need



Traps to avoid

Let’s start with what you should not do. First, forget about the household products that you are used to using. Solvent, cleaning products, glass cleaner … all this is not suitable for a computer screen, which can suffer from contact with such products. Also avoid spraying the screen directly with a spray so that the liquid does not get stuck in the cavities.

Clean PC screen

To clean a screen of PC, fixed or portable, it is imperative not to have recourse to the first towel or the first cloth which passes to us at hand. Tissues, paper towels and toilet paper can not be used either, they may damage the slab. Finally, if you are sitting in front of your computer screen, you see a task and the idea of ​​getting rid of it immediately without moving crosses your mind, control yourself and do not scrape it especially with your nails .

How to clean your PC screen

Now that the safety basics are laid, let’s study the procedure to clean the screen of your monitor or laptop effectively while avoiding damage.

Turn off the PC screen

First of all, you should turn off your laptop or your monitor before handling it, and wait for it to cool down. There are two reasons for this: we eliminate static electricity and we can distinguish imperfections on the screen much better when it is absolutely black.

Get rid of dust

Then take a microfiber cloth, which should be clean, soft, dry and lint-free. Take a first blow to remove the dust.

Clean PC screen with microfiber cloth

Eliminate stubborn stains

For more stubborn stains, moisten it very slightly (wring as much as you can) and gently wipe over the areas to be cleaned, pressing as lightly as possible. If the stains persist, you can moisten the cloth with a solution mixing water and vinegar (but above all no chemical solvent). You can also invest in specific wipes, but make sure that they are suitable for computer screens and meet the standards. Eyeglass wipes cannot be used to clean a PC screen.

Dry the screen

Once this step is completed, iron a last time with a second dry cloth to dry the screen. Do not switch it on again until it is completely dry.

And you, what solution do you use to clean your monitor? Don’t hesitate to share your tips in comments.

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