How to clear iPhone cache

by Kelvin
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As with any device based on an operating system, the more we use it and the more data that is collected in the day-to-day use, the easier it is for the phone's performance to be affected. For that reason it is no more than once in a while clear iPhone cache To improve your performance.

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This is one of those basic things that we should all know how to do with our iPhone, since it is a good way to start from scratch when we are using apps or surfing the Internet.

Clear iPhone cache

By cache we understand that data used by applications or stored while browsing the Internet, which are normally used for an application or web page to load before. This is something counterproductive, because the more time passes, the more cache memory occupies a certain app, which has been saving data in each use session so that the next time we use that app or web page it is as fast as possible. But sometimes the opposite effect is achieved, so much data accumulation in the end is harmful to the operating system, in this case iOS. Well, we have two ways to clear cache and release iPhone data Without those we can surely live peacefully.

iPhone cache

One of them is deleting the history and data of the websites we have visited. To do this we must enter the iPhone settings, and within these select β€œSafari"And then press the"delete history and data from websites”It will be at that moment when we have deleted the data when the color of this button will turn gray, it will be then when we cannot use it again until we have accumulated new data within the application of Safari. The other alternative, to erase the data generated by the apps installed on the iPhone, is much more radical, but equally effective. Here you must decide if you want to get ahead or not with it. To be able to erase the data of an application, unlike what happens with Android where it is possible to do it independently, here we must directly delete the app in question.

iPhone cache

Here the only alternative is that of delete the app and reinstall it, in this way all the accumulated data will have been deleted. To do this you must enter Settings / General / iPhone Storage and look at the bottom of the screen to see the apps we have installed. We can sort them for the ones that occupy more space. Therefore we can decide which ones we should erase based on the size of the accumulated data, as the system reveals. Now you just have to click on the desired app and click on β€œDelete app”After which we will have to reinstall it. Here we have saved, as you can see in the capture, almost 200 megabytes of space. Then all the data of this will have been deleted after uninstalling them, and we will have recovered that space.

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