How to complete the challenges of Sunday 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2


Today we bring you a basic guide how to complete the challenges of week 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2. The arrival Season 2 This has brought good news that includes several challenges in the first week of the season. In addition to completing Boss Brutus' challenge, we will also have challenges that are as different as those of superheroes. Marvel, Deadpool.

With the new challenge menu, many players have not found the comfort of knowing what to do and / or how to solve it. Many others prefer to visit the website. We are Xbox to complete this week's mission much faster. So we leave you with a solution to challenge of week 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2. Remember, to access all the challenges you must obtain a Battle Pass.


How to complete weekly Deadpool challenges in Fortnite – sunday 1

How to complete the challenges of Sunday 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2

Then we leave you with all the challenges you have to complete to unlock Spectrum Brutus or Brutus Shadow after

Landing at Locki Lighthouse, Apres Sky and Monte Kay (0 / / 3)

This challenge is quite simple because you must land at the location mentioned in the title. In three games, you can complete the challenge by jumping from the battle bus at the beginning of each game. Then we leave you with a map and places of each marked location.

How to complete the challenges of Sunday 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2

Throw different protective or healing elements (0 / / 3)

This challenge is new because in the previous season, including the first of season 2, you don't have this feature active. We can now throw protective and healing items (bandages and first aid kit) at partners or only with maps. We can easily solve this challenge in any way.

Eliminate players with a total of 100 health and a shield (0 / / 5)

We recommend that you do not focus on this challenge because it will solve it naturally. By playing and eliminating enemies, you will accept this challenge. If you want to launch it as soon as possible, we recommend that you play in Team Fight, hopefully you only need to play once.

Register chests in La Gruta or El Tiburón (0 / / 7)

These locations were implemented with the arrival of season 2. To find out, Epic Games requires us to go to one of them or both if we want to register. 7 drawer.

Cave It is located in the H5 quadrant, in two new openings in the ground. As soon as you enter the alarm, it will trigger and many minions will come out. Try to get as many chests as you can without getting killed.

Shark This is a new island that has been included in Quadrant B1 and has jaw-shaped stone openings. You will also find a group of servants inside and surveillance cameras that become deadly weapons.

Dealing with accomplice damage (0/2000)

that a waiter are npc located at certain points on the map as the location mentioned above (Cave and sharks) among others. By completing the quest to register chests at this location, you can complete this challenge. You can also find accomplices in Cruise, The agency or The platform, other new locations on the map.

Open the door closed by the scanner. ID on a different element (0 / / 3)

To open a door that is blocked by the ID scanner We will have two ways. One of them is entering a the phone booth where we will dress up as a footman or use (carry it) A henchman we have left is wounded. Then we left the place where we had found at least one cabin and in the same place the door was closed or the chest was closed.

How to complete the challenges of Sunday 1 of the Brutus Report in Fortnite Episode 2

Register ammo boxes in the same game (0 / / 7)

One of the easiest challenges this week. We just have to play naturally and register 7 ammo boxes or more.

Dress up in a phone booth in various games (0 / / 3)

This challenge is closely related to opening a door that is closed by the scanner. ID This telephone booth does not have any disadvantage because it is very striking in red and is located as we have shown in the image above. They only appear in individual mode, and not in Team Fight.

Deal damage with two different weapons in 10 seconds

This challenge is convenient to complete in Team Fight mode because we will have more opportunities to complete it. We suggest that you shoot your opponent with a shotgun or machine gun and immediately give him a shotgun. This is the fastest and most effective way, as long as you are relatively close to your opponents. This can also be done remotely, although it will be a bit more complicated for the same time, distance and construction.

He stayed crouched until now 20 I'm from a footman who doesn't understand

All the minions are in new locations that have appeared on maps such as La Gruta, El Tiburón, El Yate, La Agencia or La Platform. Sneak up on this area and stay 20 yards from one of these minions without getting caught.

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