How to compress images in PowerPoint presentations

by Kelvin
How to compress images in PowerPoint presentations

These are programs that are part of the software giant’s office suite and are used by millions of users every day. So, in these lines, we want to focus specifically on the program that helps us create or edit our own multimedia presentations. In particular, we are talking about PowerPoint , a program that is included in the Office suite that we use to create multimedia presentations of all kinds. This is what we pretty much achieve thanks to all the functions it presents to us, and which, in particular, try to make this type of task easier.

Compress images in PowerPoint presentations

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Photos in PowerPoint

Of course, how could it be otherwise, for all this we can use a huge number of objects and multimedia elements … All this in order to attract the attention of those to whom the project in which we work is directed. Thus, it must be borne in mind that, as a rule, they are usually full of images, video , animated GIFs or graphics. All this is what we can do from the “Insert” menu in the main interface of the program.


Insert PowerPoint

Using all of these elements makes presentation as such a gain in entertainment, but it also has its negative sides. And at the same time, it can be converted to a very large file. Thus, it can become a problem if we are going to share, send or reproduce it on an old computer. Therefore, below we will give you some tips for reducing the size of your PowerPoint presentation.

Specifically, we’ll talk about how to reduce the size of one of the most common elements in these projects. As you can imagine, we are linking to images because the best we can do if necessary is to compress them or reduce their size … Also, we’re going to do all of this without using any other specific software. to achieve it.

How to reduce the size of images in a PowerPoint presentation

And the point is, when creating a presentation, the images should usually be as small as possible, especially if we’re going to share a document. Therefore, in order to reduce the overall file size and save disk space, it is important to compress photos which are part of it.

With program compression function

Hence, this is what, for example, we can accomplish with the compression function of the program itself. Let’s see how you can best take advantage of this.

The first thing we do is add the desired photo to the slide from the Insert menu, which we talked about earlier. It’s in the main interface of the Microsoft program. Having found it, we select the “Images” option and select the file we want to work with from the list command disk units. Once it appears on the screen, the compression process we just added becomes a simple task. The first thing to do is select an image on the slide to display the menu options that appear at that moment.

compress images

The program will automatically place us in the “Image Format” section, where we will see the options available here. So, on the left side of the new panel that we see, we will find a button called Compress images … This is the one that interests us in this case, so we click on it.

It is then that a small window will appear on the screen, in which we can slightly adjust the process of compressing photos. Thus, we have the ability to apply changes to this Photo , or all of them. We can also choose between several resolutions depending on the degree of compression we are going to perform, or on the subsequent use of it. It should be borne in mind that the more we compress, the less the document weighs, but the quality of the images also decreases.

PowerPoint Compressors

Thus, we only need to select the desired option from the list and click the OK button to compress the image, or all existing ones. Of course, so that we do not get confused in such a delicate process, the program tries to help us. We say delicate because it’s a bad choice compression ratio will directly affect the quality of all inserted images. Consequently, the aspect of the project itself can be seriously negatively affected.

This is why we recommend that you take a look at the usage modes that are offered as an example along with each of the compression resolutions. It also never hurts to save the document or do backup copy this before experimenting with these changes.

Choose the right format for your presentation

On the other hand, in order to reduce the size of the file containing the presentation, we must also save it in the correct format. By this we mean that it will always be more expedient to keep it or convert it to PPTX instead of using the old PPT … First of all, it is important to know that the PPTX format compresses all presentation content, including photos. As you can imagine, this is something that can be useful in this particular case to reduce the size of these files.

Guardar Como PowerPoint

Thus, when we are going to save the file as such, it is best to select the option called PowerPoint Presentation. This is the one that matches PPTX exactly. On the contrary, if we select PowerPoint 97 2003 presentation, it will be saved in the old PPT, so the file will take longer disk space