How to configure Apple Music in your Amazon Echo and Alexa

by Kelvin
How to configure Apple Music in your Amazon Echo and Alexa

Apple Music has just arrived at Alexa in Spain, and that means that we can already listen to music in any Amazon Echo or Alexa-compatible smart speaker using our subscription to the streaming service of Apple, something that until now was only possible in the HomePod, the smart speaker of Apple.


In this article We explain step by step how to configure Apple Music in the Alexa application of your iPhone or iPad to be able to use that service on your speakers, as well as put it as a default service so that when you ask for music by your voice directly use Apple Music

How to configure Apple Music in your Amazon Echo and Alexa 1

The configuration process is simple, but it is somewhat hidden within the Alexa application for iPhone or iPad. Apple Music is not configured within the "Settings" menu of Apple, at least at first. It is a “skill” that we must look for and that as such appears in the “Skills and games” menu. We must search Apple Music in the corresponding section and once found, “^ Allow its use”. We must give Alexa access to our account Apple Music (obviously it is essential to have an active subscription) and follow all the steps indicated.

Once we have given access to Apple Music will give us the option to configure it as a default service. If we do not want to do it at that time, we can always access this section in “Settings> Music> Default services”. Now we can access the entire catalog of Apple Music and our playlists from any Alexa compatible speaker, such as the Sonos One and Beam, and of course from any model of Amazon Threw out. This is undoubtedly a great step for Apple Music, with millions of Echo devices worldwide, that loses one of its main limitations: not being available outside the HomePod, a high quality speaker but with a price that for many users far exceeds what it plans to spend on a smart speaker

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