How to configure emergency messages on your mobile and alternatives that you can use

by Kelvin
How to configure emergency messages on your mobile and alternatives that you can use

The current mobiles are loaded with functions not only capable of improving gaming, photography or multimedia content consumption, but also of save our lives in risk situations. The vast majority of terminals on the market have a function dedicated to sending emergency messages to selected contacts with our location and, in some cases, photos and audio.

But for it to work, you have to configure it, of course. So, let's see how to activate emergency messages on Android phones, on iPhone and, finally, we will see some alternatives that you can use regardless of operating system. That said, we begin.


Set up emergency messages on a Samsung mobile


The Samsung phones They have this function implemented for quite some time. Activating it is quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to "Settings."
  • Select "Advanced Features."
  • At the bottom, press "Send SOS messages" and activate it.
  • Add at least one trusted recipient. You can have up to four, so put the ones you consider appropriate.
  • Optional: You can attach images taken with the front and rear camera and a five-second audio recording. To do this, check both boxes.

How active: by pressing the power button three times.

Set up emergency messages on a Huawei mobile


If you have a Huawei mobile With EMUI 9.0 or higher, you can configure emergency messages directly from the settings. For it:

  • Go to "Settings."
  • Access "Security and privacy".
  • Select "SOS Emergency."
  • Choose emergency contacts.
  • Check the "Also send SOS messages" box.

How active: by pressing the power button five times.

Configure emergency messages on a Xiaomi mobile


The emergency message function reached Xiaomi with MIUI 10, so if you have a Xiaomi mobile updated to the latest version of the operating system you can access them. They activate like this.

  • Go to "Settings."
  • Select "emergency SOS."
  • Activate the "Emergency SOS" tab.
  • Add up to three emergency contacts.
  • If you wish, you can also send the call history.

How active: by pressing the power button five times.

Set up emergency messages on an iPhone


In the iPhone We can also configure emergency contacts. It is not done from the settings, but must be done from the Health app.

  • Go to the "Health" app and press "Medical data"
  • Press "Edit" and go to "Emergency contacts".
  • Press "+" and choose emergency contacts.
  • Press "OK" to save the changes.

iPhone works differently than Android phones, since it first calls the local emergency number and, when the call ends, send the message to the contacts that we have previously configured. In it, as in the previous cases, your current location is included and, if you move, an update will be sent.

How to activate it on an iPhone 8 or higher: Press and hold the power button and one of the volume buttons until "SOS Emergency" appears. Drag to the right.

How to activate it on an iPhone 7 or earlier: Quickly press the side button or five times the volume up button. "SOS Emergency" will appear and you will have to drag to the right.

Other options


If none of these alternatives convinces you or you simply cannot access them, do not worry, because there are alternatives. One of them is AlertCops, an app developed by the Interior Ministry that allows authorities to inform all kinds of emergency situations: theft, robbery or assault, vandalism, gender violence, bullying, aggression or fighting … You can add photos and even videos, as well as "guardians", who can see the location in real time.

016 is a toll-free number and is not stored in the call history

Another option is to use the functions of the apps we use every day. WhatsApp, Telegram and Google Maps, for example, allow share location in real time for up to 24 hours, so if you don't feel safe you can use some of those apps. If you have your phone turned on and an Internet connection, the location will be sent.

Finally, it should be noted that calls to 016 (The phone for emergencies related to gender-based violence) leaves no trace in the call history, so if you ever have to use it (hopefully that never happens), rest assured that you can access it for free and without a trace.



  • Developer: Secretary of State for Security – Interior Ministry
  • Price: Free
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Download it at: App Store
  • Category: Lifestyle

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