How to configure Facebook so that I don't remember certain dates or people

by Kelvin
How to configure Facebook so that I don't remember certain dates or people

Facebook It has long since become little less than a newspaper archive of our lives with its memories section, the one that rescue from oblivion publications from past years, in case we want to republish them or just delight in reviewing what we shared a decade ago.

However, some memories can be painful or just annoying. Luckily, it is possible to configure Facebook for what stop reminding us of certain dates or the memories that include some specific people.


For when you want to forget

Do you remember when you fell down the stairs in 2013 and shared it in Facebook? Facebook yes, and probably you too because he reminded you year after year since then. If you want to break the cycle, open Facebook and go to the memories section. Touch then on the options icon.

I remember1

The first option that appears is the notification settings. The default option specifies that Facebook Notify you every day about it, although if you prefer you can opt for highlights, which is limited to videos and special collections (for example, on your birthday, summer, at the end of the year …) If you prefer, you can disable all notifications choosing Any.


Below you have the option of hide memories that include certain people. This does not mean that you are going to block those people from your Facebook and they will not receive any notification either. Simply, memories that include such tagged people will not be counted in this section. To add someone, start typing their name. Note: they don't need to be on your friends list at that time.

Little people

Finally, it is also possible hide memories of certain dates, and may include date ranges. To do this, Touchez on Dates and includes a start day and an end day. Keep in mind that the date belongs to a specific year, so if you want to avoid February 5 of every year, you must add them manually.


Touch save and Facebook It will take note of your preferences. This option should help you filter bad memories, although remember that the filter of people requires that such profile be labeled in the publication to be effective.

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