How to configure parental control on your children's mobile

by Kelvin
Parental control

Now that September returns and the return to school begins, you may want to place restrictions on mobile phones or tablets. If you want to choose the ideal phone for your young children, it is advisable that you contact a Phone House service for experts to advise you. Or that you go as soon as possible if you see suspicious activity that may be the fault of the malware. But regardless of the mobile you choose, today we teach you how to configure parental control.


There are several applications that allow you to configure parental control on your children's mobile, know which applications are the most used or how to control the schedules so that they do not use the smartphone doing homework or at dinner time.

One of the best ways to configure parenta controll on the mobile is to bet on Google Family Link that is already available in Spain. It is focused on children and adolescents under 16 years of age and you can establish conditions, limit access or access statistics of use of applications or telephone in general. You can manage multiple child accounts in your same Google Family Link account so it is perfect for only children but also for large families.

The application will have to be installed on the children's phone and the adult's. Once installed, they must be connected. And from your mobile you can configure the permissions of the applications, set the time to go to sleep, limit the hours of use so that they do not spend the day of the mobile phone or access the statistics.

How to configure parental control on your children's mobile 2

But Google Family Link is not the only one. Qustodio is another good option for teenagers or for young children. It allows to control the use of the applications so that they are not distracted by doing homework or studying for the institute. This is one of the most recommended applications and cannot be uninstalled from your child's phone if it does not have the PIN code you have previously chosen.

Can control or block calls So you are not in danger, block all types of adult content or follow the geolocation of the device if you have left home alone and want to know that you are safe. Also for the smallest of the house you can monitor the activity in YouTube or control the searches that are done on the Internet. Above all, it is a good option to block times and choose schedules.

If you are looking for something for younger children who do not even have their own mobile, you can use Kids Place. You can install it on your mobile or your tablet when you go to lend it to children. You can activate the application to activate a mode for children and that they cannot access important things like calls, purchases within the mobile, to the email… They will not be able to download applications without permission and they will only be able to use the mobile applications that you have installed for them.

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