How to connect Google Home to VIZIO Smart TV

by Kelvin
How to connect Google Home to VIZIO Smart TV

Having trouble connecting your Google Home to VIZIO Smart television? Do not care anymore. We found a simple way to connect your Google Home to your VIZIO Smart TV.

Here is the problem:


Having a Smart TV is entertaining because it allows you to enjoy some of the things you do on your cell phone and computer. Smart TV offers users more than normal TV use. This allows users to experience the online world by allowing them to surf the web, stream videos, and get updates on social media.

Good, really?

The thing is, VIZIO is a well-known company that creates Android devices and televisions. So don't be surprised if they now distribute Smart TVs as well. If you recently bought a VIZIO TV and still don't know what to do with it, this article will definitely help you. Also, if you want to find the best application that you can explore with your TV, see this article: 6 The best application for VIZIO Smart TV.

Getting back …

The benefits you experience with your VIZIO TV can still be further increased. By connecting it to your Google Home, you can further maximize its use. Now if you are having trouble connecting your TV to your Google Home then you should check out this guide we made.

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Connect Google Home to VIZIO Smart TV

Before doing anything else, you should check everything you need. To pair your devices with each other, you need a VIZIO SmartCast-compatible TV or a home theater screen, a Google Home device, and an Internet connection.

VIZIO Wi-Fi connection

VIZIO TV connects to Wifi

Now, if you have prepared all of these things, without further ado, let's do it.

  1. Take your remote control and click the VIZIO button.

    This will launch Home SmartCast TV on your VIZIO TV.

    Google Home for Vizio

    VIZIO Remote

  2. Navigate through the top menu to find the EXTRAS button.

    After finding EXTRAS, click the OK button on your remote control.

    VIZIO TV navigation menu

    VIZIO TV navigation menu

  3. Highlight Google Assistant and choose that.

    Google Assistant        Control the TV

    Google Assistant Control the TV

  4. Allow it Google Assistant

    Follow the steps provided to connect your TV with your myVIZIO account and activate Google Assistant. You're done!

    VIZIO TV Google Home

    VIZIO TV Google Home

Control the VIZIO TV through voice commands

Now after setting up your Google Home with your VIZIO TV, the next thing you need to do is check that it works. You can verify what Google Home can do using your voice command.

So these are some voice commands you can try.

  1. VIZIO ordered TV

    VIZIO TV Google Home

    Turn on the VIZIO TV

    If you want to turn your VIZIO TV on or off just for sound, all you have to do is say the following:

    • Activate – "OK Google Activate (TV name)"
    • Turn off – "OK Google Turn off (TV name)"
  2. Control VIZIO TV volume


    Change the volume of the VIZIO TV

    We know that repeatedly adjusting the volume on your TV is problematic, especially if you enjoy the movies you watch. So to reduce complexity, we have found this order for you.

    • Determine the volume level – "OK Google adjusts the volume to 50% of (TV name)"
    • Turn the volume up or down: "OK Google turns on (raises / lowers) your volume (TV name)"
    • Mute your TV VIZIO – "Mute (TV name)"
  3. Launch the application on your VIZIO TV

    Trying to find an application on your VIZIO TV can be time consuming, and that can also be too complicated. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. With Google Home, you can launch all the applications on your VIZIO TV with just your voice. Just give the command below.

    • Launching the application on VIZIO TV – "OK Google launch (application name) on (TV name)"

Frequent questions

What Google Home devices are compatible with VIZIO TV?

Google Home devices can now be connected to your VIZIO TV. The Google Home devices that you can connect to your VIZIO TV are Google Home, Google Home Mini, an Android device that is installed with the Google Home app and Google Home Hub.

Can you connect your VIZIO TV version to the Google Home device?

If VIZIO recently updated your Smart TV so that the Google Home device can connect to this TV. All versions of VIZIO Smart TV can be combined with Google Assistant.

Last thought

Wanting to maximize the use of all the smart devices you have comes naturally. Google Home is a smart device that helps you do this with all your gadgets. You can control light switches, home security, speakers, and more.

The best part?

Now you can also connect your Google Home device with your VIZIO Smart TV. That means you can start controlling your TV with just your voice, making it easy for you to tidy up your TV. Unbelievable isn't it?

I see …

With all the technological advancements that make your life easier, it can still be quite confusing how to manage it. Our goal is to help and guide you to learn how to control this device. And in this case, we want you to know how you can fully control your VIZIO TV with your Google Home device.

What type of VIZIO smart TV do you have? Did our article help you connect your VIZIO Smart TV with your Google Home device? We hope that happens. Tell us what the results are by leaving a comment below.Outstanding image