How to connect to Wi-Fi with the router's QR code

by Kelvin
Cómo conectarse al Wi-Fi con el código QR del router

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is something you think about doing every time you visit a new place. After several years of Android updates there are several methods to connect to a Wi-Fi network without having to enter the password. We are always talking about methods that the operating system itself contemplates and not about illegal options. Today we show you a new method that you probably haven't used yet to log in to a Wi-Fi network and connect. You just need your mobile and an application compatible with QR codes. Thanks to this connect to Wi-Fi with the QR code The router is incredibly simple.

Gone are the kilometric passwords, difficult to pronounce, with capital letters, numbers and dozens of characters. Thanks to technological advances it is possible to connect to a router in just a couple of seconds and in the simplest way you can imagine. Yes, you must have access to said router and that it has a QR code to log in.


Connect to a router with QR code in a simple way

For a while now several companies around the world are offering routers with a QR code to log in. It is not an incredibly technological solution and unfortunately it has become fashionable recently between router manufacturers and operators. This QR code on the bottom of the router is not something for technicians or anything like that. This is a key in the form of a QR code which allows any Android to connect automatically.

You just need to see that the router in question has this type of code and that your mobile camera works correctly. Making the connection is incredibly simple: you just have to open an application that reads QR codes and frame that code with the camera.

It is not necessary to download any extra applications to read QR codes. Most manufacturers have an automatic reading mode in their camera application, but if this is not the case, you can open Google Assistant and then Google Lens. This section will allow you to read the router code and make the connection.

How to connect to Wi-Fi with the router's QR code 2

This way it is not necessary to know the password. When the QR reader detects that it is a key to connect it will ask if you want to do it. Just after clicking on ‘Yes’ your mobile will automatically connect to the network. And yes, it will reconnect automatically when you return to that place.

It is a tutorial that currently they can follow almost all the Android phones on the market, but that requires having a router with QR code. The oldest lack this characteristic, but it is something that is in almost all current. Now that you know how to connect to a Wi-Fi with the router's QR code, will you do it?

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