Are you using your equipment Windows away from home with mobile connection? This can become a headache if you don't control data consumption.


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Without realizing it you can consume all the gigabytes of the contracted plan in a sigh. So that this is not a problem, you can use an option of Windows 10 that will help you monitor your data consumption.

It's simple and you won't need to install anything. Check out the steps we detail below.

How to control data consumption in Windows 10

Put data consumption limit from the PC with Windows 10 It is easy. You just have to follow a few steps, starting from the Settings of Windows. Select «Network and Internet» as you see in the image:

internet network

Once you open that section you move to the "Data usage" menu, and focus on the "General information" option. You will see how many MB or GB have you used in the past 30 days.

How to control data consumption on the PC 4

Set a limit to data consumption

We will now focus on the second section of Data usage: "Data limit".

From there you can use different criteria to set the data limit (amount of MB or GB) that you want to consume, as you see in the image:

How to control data consumption on the PC 5

Selecting "Set limit" you will see the different options offered Windows 10. You can set limits by time period or renew the established amount every day. Then you just save the settings and you will have set an exact limit for the use of mobile data from your PC with Windows 10.

When you reach the limit you set you can no longer connect from the PC to the Internet via mobile data. But from the mobile you can continue using the data, connect to social networks, etc.

How do you consume your data?

An interesting option of this dynamic that offers Windows 10 is that you too Let us know how you consume your data.

To see this information you have to go back to “Data usage”, select “General information” and click on the Wi-Fi network you have active (it can also appear with the name “Wireless network connection”)

Selecting that option you will see in detail the programs and services of Windows that have consumed data, setting the exact amount of MB or GB.

How to control data consumption on the PC 6

If you want to return the application counters to zero, you just have to select "Reset usage statistics". In this way the control of the consumed MB and / or GB is restarted.

A detail to keep in mind is that the first time you enter you will see that this option is disabled. To enable it you need to choose the option «Wi-Fi (all networks)».

Tips to keep in mind

You can change this setting as many times as you wish. You can reset it every day, change criteria, return the counter to zero, etc. It is a simple process and offers an exact way to control the consumption of data from the PC, adding accuracy to the one that has the mobile that you use to perform the tethering.

And do not worry if you forget that you are using mobile plan since when you reach the limit Windows It will no longer allow you to continue browsing, so you will not spend more than established. You can apply this dynamic if you are traveling or on vacation. Or if there are children in the family it is also a good option to control the use of the internet when you are away from home.

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