How to control music on Google Maps

by Kelvin

When we go on a trip, many of us turn to Google Maps to guide us, but no trip can be made without enjoying our favorite music and it is a nuisance to have to go jumping from one app to another. That's why today we teach you how to control music on Google Maps, one of the most used browsers in the world.

Google Maps is an application that guides us to reach a specific place that also indicates accidents, traffic jams, weather and even, for a few months, it offers us speed camera information that we are going to find along the way or the speed at which we circulate .

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But Google Maps also allows us, since 2018, to control the music we want to hear without having to leave the app, since Google understood that music is a main part of any trip.

Google decided to integrate the possibility of handling the controls of three streaming platforms playback, as they are Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music.

Settings to control music

To activate this ability offered by Google Maps you must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the application Google Maps

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

  1. Click on button with three horizontal lines which is in the upper right corner of your screen.

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

  1. Then click on Settings and then in "Navigation settings".

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

  1. In the next window you will find many options for navigation, but you should look for the option that says β€œShow multimedia playback controls”And activate it.

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

  1. At that time the app will give you Choose between one of the three streaming music options that we told you before, in case you have all three installed on your device.
  2. Then you must give you access to Google Maps to connect to the app you have chosen.
  3. Once this is done you will see that the function of β€œShow multimedia playback controls" is already activated.

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

Now when you are using Maps navigation you will see a button on the right side of the streaming service screen that you have chosen (in our case Spotify) and thus be able to control your music from the bottom of Google Maps.

Image - How to control music on Google Maps

Pressing said button your music appears at the bottom of the screen of navigation and if you press again it disappears, although the music keeps playing.

So from now on you know how to control music on Google Maps So having the browser is not an impediment to be able to play the music you like the most while using it. Yes, if you are driving all your attention put it on the road, please.

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