How to control what you eat with your smartphone

by Kelvin

Today we can find all kinds of food in markets and supermarkets, the concept of seasonal food It has been diluted, since during the year we have everything. We have access to quantity and quality. But, of course, that access to food is so simple makes us watch what we eat, when and in what quantities.

To monitor our daily diet we have all kinds of aids, and as in other cases, there are endless mobile applications focused on helping us manage and control what you eat every day and help you better organize your diet and the purchase of food.


If you are on a diet or simply want to control your food intake better, with the following apps you will have it easier and it will be less problematic to organize your weekly menu and manage your purchases eating varied and in the right amount. And if you want to lose weight, in addition to these apps, you should practice exercise and see a specialist.

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Losing weight, improving your health, changing habits or improving your diet. MyFitnessPal (Android, iPhone / iPad) is designed to control what you eat in a simple way, in addition to counting the calories ingested with approximate calculations.

Your database has more than 6 million food and prepared meals to offer the most complete information. In addition, it recognizes more than 4 million barcodes to incorporate what we eat into the app without typing it manually, simply scanning the container code.

The app even allows you to set calories and nutritional information from of a recipe you have prepared or from a restaurant you've been to or where you've placed an order at home. Otherwise, MyFitnessPal counts not only calories but also fats, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, vitamins, etc.

And to organize yourself better, you can manage your own food diary to remember what you have eaten and what you will eat in the future. A) Yes you won't have to improvise and you will have one less theme to think about while eating healthy and varied.

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Information is power, and with Fooducate it will be very easy for you to know what you have eaten and the exercise you have practiced. All with the help of graphs, lists and other visual elements that will allow you to see how your daily diet is.

With Fooducate you can collect data on ingested calories, hours of sleep, practice of exercise, proteins, fats and carbohydrates of your food… In addition, it allows you to enter your own recipes to have them on hand and obtain professional recipes, as well as obtain food recommendations concrete.

You can use Fooducate to eat better, change habits, monitor your diabetes, cholesterol or weight, control what you eat and / or plan better. For the rest, it allows customize tips and suggested information indicating your age, gender, height and weight, activity level, etc.

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As the name implies, iTrackBites It is designed to control and monitor what we eat but also our physical activity, since both things are closely related.

With the information we provide we will obtain statistics of our intake and activity and, in addition, we will receive the help of the plans that iTrackBites has prepared for different objectives, such as eat better, reduce the intake of sugar or calories, etc.

To enter the information we can do it manually or through barcodes. iTrackBites has a database of more than one million foods and products to indicate its nutritional table.

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Eat This Much

Eating healthy is not at odds with enjoying good dishes. And with apps like Eat This Much You will have less complicated to know what to eat every day, since you will get suggestions of dishes and recipes according to your objectives.

In addition to offering different diets (paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan and Mediterranean), you can filter out food suggestions indicating allergies, foods you don't like, etc. So, at the same price you have an app to control what you eat and a recipe for healthy dishes.

Eat This Much also allows you to add our own diets as well as organize the shopping list from the recipes we choose for our day to day.

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I want to improve my health, lose weight or gain muscle. These are the three options that he proposes Lifesum, an app with which to manage what we eat with the help of healthy recipes easy to prepare.

To start, we can choose between several options or diets. From there, we will obtain recipes according to our choice. As we choose meals and food, we will go incorporating information to statistics to know, approximately, the amount of protein, carbohydrates or fat ingested.

With Lifesum we will not need to think about what we are going to eat tomorrow or next week. It can also help us to discover new recipes. And to enter information on ingested food, we can do it by hand or by scanning barcodes

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