How to convert PDF files to Word without downloading the program

by Kelvin

There are certain times when we need to convert our PDF documents into Word documents, especially when we want to edit them, including some images … in short, every operation in which word processing has to intervene. We will show you a series of pages where you can forward your PDF files to Word in a very simple way and, at best, completely free of charge. Without installing the program, without difficulty, anyone can convert their own PDFs into Word documents with just one finger. Try all the proposals we offer and keep the right ones for you.

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I like PDFs

The first tool we will talk about now is very simple, very easy to use. The page in question shows the banner that we must press. Select PDF document We want to convert. We can also drag it directly to the screen.

i like pdf

Then click ‘Convert to Word‘So that the page can start the conversion process.

I like pdf 02

Finally, we just have to wait for the program to run automatically download to your computer Word document and go away.

Small PDF

Pages with procedures that are very similar to the previous one and where we do not need any type of registration to make a successful conversion. The great news about this page is that it has a complementary Chrome version, so it always has changes if you convert PDF to Word on more than one occasion. You can also convert your PDF if it is in the cloud into tools like Drive or Dropbox.

How to convert PDF files to Word without downloading the program 1Soda PDF

A new page to convert your PDF to Word that also has a plugin to install in the Chrome browser. If you want to convert your PDF to Word without the Internet, you must download the desktop version. Mechanics is the same That on the previous page, you chose PDF, converted it to Word, and you can either drag the document or select it on your computer from here. On this page we also have the possibility of converting PDF files that we have in the cloud, in services such as Drive or Dropbox.

How to convert PDF files to Word without downloading program 2

PDF to Word

Well, once again, a tool for us to convert all of our PDF files into Word for later editing. This tool is similar to the one we presented earlier in the list: we choose a PDF file to convert it or drag it to the page and convert it, by clicking on the corresponding button. As an important novelty with respect to the previous tools, let's say that in "PDF to Word" we can obtain the conversion results in our email account. In this way we will place the document, in case we want to obtain it later.

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And finally we present "PDF to DOC", the last of our proposals for conversion tools. On this page we can convert up to 20 PDF document At the same time, it is automatically placed in the work queue. Therefore, this is an ideal tool for those who need to convert large amounts of documents. Of course, this is free and you don't need to have an associated account to use this service.

pdf to doc "width =" 800 "height =" 428 "data- ="

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