How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

by Kelvin

Voice memos are a way of communicating, through WhatsApp, very practical and that we have all used at some time. Even on certain occasions, it is good to be able to keep those voice notes and that is why today we bring you the way to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3.

Whatsapp compress audio files in a proprietary format called opus which is impossible to share through the application.


But as there is a solution for everything, we have the application Opus To Mp3 Converter with which we can pass our WhatsApp audios to mp3 and thus be able to share them or simply stay with them stored on our mobile.

How to use Opus To Mp3 Converter

The opus file system belongs to WhatsApp, as we have already mentioned, and although they exist applications that allow us to play that kind of audio files (VLC for Android), the best way to share it or play it in any application is to convert those audios to mp3.

To get such a need you have to follow some very simple steps that we will indicate:

  1. The first thing to do is download Opus To Mp3 Conventer on our Android smartphone.

Download Opus To Mp3 converter for Android


  1. Once installed he will ask us to grant him several permits in order to work on our smartphone we must grant it.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. Upon entering the application we observe that we have several tabs as Records (where we can see all the opus in our device), Simple Converter (To convert a single audio file), Batch Converter (to convert several audio files at once) and My Conversions (where we will see the conversion history we have already done).

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. If we click on the nut-shaped drawing which is in the upper right area, we can choose the quality of the mp3 resulting from converting our audios. Obviously, the higher the quality, the more space it will occupy on our device.
  2. Now we must choose what file we want to convert of those we have in WhatsApp and for this we will look for it in the Files tab, since there we will get all the opus that are on our smartphone.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. To find the one you want to convert you must write your name or notice that the first digits, after AUD, is the date the file was sent and the last digits are the order in which it was sent regarding the audios of the same day.
  2. So we select the audio file that we want to convert from WhatsApp by clicking on it.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. In the new box that comes out, we see that it lets us choose where will you save the resulting mp3 of converting our WhatsApp audio. If we agree we should only click on the accept symbol and we will have the mp3 stored on our smartphone.

If what you need is convert multiple audios WhatsApp simultaneously, we must perform the following steps:

  1. We will go to the tab Batch Converter.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. Click on Select OPUS files.
  2. Now we must go to the WhatsApp route where the audios we want to convert are saved. This route is WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Audio.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. Once inside, we select the audios to convert pressing on them continuously to mark several at once and click on OK.

Image - How to convert WhatsApp audios to mp3

  1. Then we see that the selected ones appear in a list and now we just have to click on Convert MP3.
  2. Allows us select the route where we want to save them and accept So you can convert and download.

Now that we have them in mp3, we can play them with any application prepared for it and share them if necessary.

As you have seen it is very simple convert WhatsApp audios to mp3 to be able to listen to them whenever we want or to send them to whoever we want.

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