How to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text

by Kelvin

Voice messages succeed. You just have to see that widespread habit of people who walk down the street with the phone as if it were a toast, speaking loudly to we don't know who. Is it so sending a voice message, presumably through WhatsApp.

It is clear that WhatsApp voice messages are comfortable, especially if you don't like to write or if you have more ease speaking than typing. In addition, it has its one to hear the voice of who is sending you the message, and the internet is full of funny WhatsApp voice messages where funny situations happen and where audio is essential to understand the grace of the moment.


Although voice messages are common, there comes a time when they are annoying, especially if you are more than reading messages at full milk instead of waiting for those voice messages that last for eternizing minutes to end, with pauses, silences and “eeeemmm…”, “estoooo…”, etc.

How to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text 4

But everything has a solution in this life, or almost everything, and in this case WhatsApp voice messages do not have to be a problem if you have the right tool. Voice transcription technology, that is, of convert voice to text It is already sufficiently developed to find solutions that use this technology everywhere, such as translation tools such as Google translator or even on your Android phone or iPhone, where at the press of a button you can say whatever you want and will appear on the screen in writing with greater or lesser success.

And what about WhatsApp voice messages? One of the best solutions is called Voicepop and you can install it both on your Android and on your iPhone.

Voice to text in an instant

The purpose of Voicepop is to convert a voice message into text for you to read instead of listening to it. And the best part is that, in addition to being compatible with Whatsapp, you can also use it in Signal, KakaoTalk or Line. And also in Telegram If you use iPhone (Android does not work that option yet.

Those responsible say that it works with messages of up to 2 minutes, integrates with the messaging app you use, in this case WhatsApp, and is compatible with more than 120 languages different among them English Spanish, Italian and a long etcetera.

Are you worried that someone listen your messages? The creators of Voicepop say they use a cloud translation technology. That is, your message is sent to a server on the internet where it is translated but does not pass through human hands.

How to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text 5

Y how does it work exactly? On both Android and iPhone, we press the voice message to select it, then we go to the menu Share and choose the Voicepop option, which we will have previously installed. Voicepop will ask us what language we want to translate. We can select one or several messages, which will be transcribed one after another.

You can download Voicepop from its official website or from the respective Android and iPhone stores. In principle the app is free, although it has a service monthly subscription. I don't know how long is the trial period, taking into account that on its page it says nothing and in the descriptions of Google Play and App Store it is limited to a brief "it is free to download and use, for a limited time".

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