How to copy text from photos with Google Photos

by Kelvin
Google Fotos

Recently A new feature of great interest in Google Photos was announced. The application will give us the possibility to copy the text that we have in photos that we have and copy it to other applications. Without a doubt, it can be something of great interest to many users. Although many do not know the way in which to use it.


Therefore, here we show you the way to copy text using Google Photos. Thus, any text you have in any of the photos you have saved, you will be able to copy it in other applications in a simple way. It can be helpful in many cases.

First we will have to open Google Photos on our Android phone. Within the application there are quand look for that photo in which there is a text We want to copy. Each user must therefore search for said photo. Then, we look at the lower right corner of the screen when we are in the photo.

Google Photos - Text recognition

There we click on the Google Lens icon. So we have to select the text we want to copy this time, that is in that photo in the application. When we have selected the text in its entirety, we will have to give the option to copy, so that it is copied to the clipboard.

This way, the text that was in Google Photos is copied. We can paste it in other applications on the phone without any problem, since it is very easy to do. We are given options such as sharing this text, using messaging applications or pasting it on a web page where we are at that time.

What we do with this text that we have copied is already our business. But we can see that copying text that was in any image in Google Photos is something simple. So it is a function that we can take advantage of at all times. Have you already used this function in the app?

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