How to correctly configure Do not disturb mode on your iPhone

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If we don't want to be disturbed during work hours, and we don't want to be so drastic when disabling notifications, the best thing is setup mode Do not disturb the iPhone at the indicated time. Too Apple This allows certain settings, so you will not miss important calls if necessary.

Many people set this mode at night to avoid annoying notifications and sleep together, but it is functions that can also be activated during our business hours. Do not disturb mode can be activated manually from the configuration, but it is much easier to program.

Avoid interference with Do not disturb mode

This is a feature that brings several versions of iOS with us, but not everyone knows it. Basically what mode do not disturb is to prevent notifications from ringing or vibrating, this will appear on the iPhone screen but it won't bother you, because this also reduces your device's lock screen a bit.

To configure Do not disturb mode on iPhone, we must go to Settings> Do not disturb. The first option that appears is to activate and deactivate it manually, which is not recommended because we will often forget it, even if it is useful in certain circumstances.

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In the second part we can activate the programming mode Do not disturb, indicates the time we want to start and the deactivation time. A little further down we can configure this mode as we wish:

  • Mute: We can choose notifications to always be silenced or only when our iPhone is locked. That is, if the seizure through iPhone notifications will arrive as usual.
  • Phone number: We can choose contacts that are released in this way. Do not disturb That is, if a contact contacts us, it will sound as usual.
  • Repeated call: Activate this option, if someone calls us repeatedly, the call will not be silenced because the iPhone understands that it is an emergency.
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The way to configure it correctly can take us great benefitThere are times when disconnecting from our device is important if we want to concentrate. If you want more tips like this to increase your productivity, don't miss our complete megaguide with everything you need to know to properly configure your iPhone.

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