How to create and watch a season 9 recap video of your habit

by admin-kervin
How to create and watch a season 9 recap video of your habit 1

by Jimmy Russo, August 09, 2019

Do you miss the season? 9? Relive the experience of season 9 You with habits Fortnite Season 9 video summary.

Season 10 is one of the most disappointing. Fortnite season so far. The mechanism, the addition of no-build zones in Tilted Town, and the general lack of additional content with Season 10 make many players miss Season 9.

You can relive a little nostalgia through the Season 9 Recap video, available now. Statistics and video production are leveraged during season 9 over, but fully functional as of this writing.

Seasonal recording feature has been in the game for a while, but Season 9 marks the first time we can tweak what we see. You can choose from a variety of stats to include, and even choose your own custom music colors and tracks. [/ embed]

You can make a summary video of season 9 You only with Click on the link here. All you have to do is log in to get started.

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