How to create AR filters for Instagram and Facebook

by Kelvin

Now all users of Facebook and Instagram can create Augmented Reality (AR) filters for both networks; know how

A few months ago, the Instagram has been making bizarre and funny filters available on Stories. There is one that makes your face look like the Faustão, another puts the meme “Together and shallow now” in the head, and still the little games in the style Mario Bros.. Initially, the platform for creating AR (augmented reality) filters was limited to approved designers and artists, but this Tuesday (13), it became available to all users, including businesses.


In addition to release, the Instagram is introducing the option Effect Gallery (Effects Gallery), where it will be easier to have access to all filters and apply to your records. O Facebook hopes brands and agencies can use the news in their communications with their target audience. This is the case of the brand Gucci, besides celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Ariana Grande, that have already developed their effects.

From now on, all users will be able to create AR filters for Instagram and FacebookFrom now on, all users will be able to create AR filters for Instagram and Facebook

At the beginning of the year, the social network of Mark zuckerberg had announced at the event F8, that the Spark AR Studio It would be coming out of beta later this summer. The company announced that more than one billion people have already used Augmented Reality (AR) filters in the Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

If you haven't created yours yet, check out a quick walkthrough for you to create free AR filters on Spark AR Studio:

Accessing Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio interface for creating filtersSpark AR Studio interface for creating filters

First, go to Spark AR Studio website and make download program on your computer (available for Windows and macOS). After the installation is complete, login with your Facebook. After installing and watching the brief getting started tutorial, you will have access to some settings:

  • Viewport: where you can visualize its effect;
  • Scene Panel: to control which objects are in their effect;
  • The Layers Panel: to add and edit layers;
  • Inspector: view and edit the properties of the elements in your scene;
  • Assets Panel: use to add and view all features added to a project;
  • Toolbar and Menu bar: to quickly access all kinds of different resources;
  • Patch Editor and scripting Console: here, the tool lets you add more complexity to effects using visual programming or scripting;
  • Simulator: screen where it shows what its effect looks like on a mobile device.

How to create filters

O Spark AR Studio allows you to create filters in Augmented Reality (AR) very freely. For this, it works with combination of objects and assets. With face tracking, you can create more accurate interactions. This feature is ideal for adding icons to the face (beard, glasses, hat, etc.).

Another possibility is to include effects that accompany hand and body movement. Use background targeting to create background and take people elsewhere, creating fun scenarios. O Spark AR Studio has options for 2D and 3D creations. The tool still has many other features, including sound, coding and coding effects, and more.

You can find out all through the official website which contains tutorials specific to each type of project.

User can create 2D and 3D filters to climb on Facebook and Instagram User can create 2D and 3D filters to climb on Facebook and Instagram

Save and publish the project

After creating your filter on Augmented Reality (AR), submit project to Spark AR Hub. The effects may be published in either the Instagram as in Facebook. Before being made available to users, they will review it to ensure that the effect is in compliance with the Policies and Terms of the Camera Effects Platform, as well as the Instagram. This check may take a few days or weeks.

Once published, the creator will be able to manage and measure the performance of their effect on AR. All shipping details, account setup and other features can be verified on the official website of Sparkle at the Facebook.

Liked the news and want to try it? Then go to Spark AR Studio download site and follow the community Spark AR at the Facebook and the official profile on Instagram.