How to create mobile apps without knowing how to program

by Kelvin

The appearance of smartphones was a revolution, and with them came the applications we all use. They are a fundamental part in the mobile, and that is anyone can create their own apps without knowing how to program.

It is not surprising that training is already offered to teach programming and creating applications for the smartphone, It is a booming sector and is increasingly growing. You just have to take a walk through the main app stores (Google Play and App Store) to realize the gigantic catalog of utilities that are available.


We use the smartphone to do anything, the simple fact of opening an app is something that has become routine today. It is something that companies already know perfectly, so they do not hesitate to have their own apps to reach the largest number of customers.

There is no doubt that mobile applications have become a very important strategy to continue in many companies, because they allow them to more easily reach customers with the aim of establishing a new and modern communication channel With the users.

Creating an app is available to anyone

If you have your own internet business, you have probably considered on more than one occasion that it would be a very good idea. have your own mobile app. Contrary to what one might think, the possibility of creating an app is available to anyone.

Image - How to create mobile apps without knowing how to program

exist online platforms that streamline and facilitate the entire cumbersome process which can mean "manufacturing" an application from scratch, that way, the user and any company or small business that is going to decide by this method, can create your own app without having any knowledge of programming and without having to face high costs.

This is the case of, an online service in Spanish that offers the possibility of create apps for the mobile in a simple way through a very visual and simple procedure to follow, the one of drag to configure your own app No need to write lines of code.

The Work environment could not be more comfortable and intuitive For the user, every detail is carefully taken care of so that the user can create their app for any mobile device (iOS and Android), and that it can also be Progressive Web App (PWA), so that it adapts to any device so that the user experience is as satisfactory as possible.

You just have to start drag items and place them in the position you want, then you can edit the aspects of these elements, from their format to color, icons, etc. That is, the customization possibilities offered are very wide.

Mobile apps are key for businesses

Times are advancing and now they arise new forms of communication between the client and the business. Any company worth its salt must have its own website and, of course, its own application, as it is an excellent and fast way of attract and retain customers.

The loyalty aspect is the most transcendental aspect, but that a business has its own application also allows capture the attention of your customers, making them arrive more quickly and with greater impact any novelty or offer that might interest them by means of a notification.

There is another detail that should not be passed and that is an important secret weapon of having an own mobile app available in the catalog of Google Play Store and the App Store, it's just the online visibility of the company and its positioning on the Internet.

Which company would not always like to appear in the first search results of Google or other search engines? Apps can greatly help improve this aspect and improve your SEO, which will help attract more users and, consequently, be able to increase profits and even raise your reputation if your app generates positive comments.

Image - How to create mobile apps without knowing how to program

Although can be used by companies and SMEs, a user can even create their own app business to sell them to those companies that require them, a very interesting idea that, if done well, can mean obtaining significant income.

There is no doubt that mobile apps are the future and that no knowledge is needed to create them Thanks to the fact that there are online services such as that facilitate the whole process, an aspect that companies should not waste for all the benefits they can give them, nor users who want to dedicate themselves to selling them to businesses.

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