How to delete a follower in Instagram without my knowing

by Kelvin
How to delete a follower in Instagram without my knowing

How to delete a follower in Instagram without my knowing 2

There are users who love to get followers or followers in Instagram And the more the better. Others, on the other hand, settle for the few they have, who are usually familiar people of the family and friends. But sometimes, a public account can receive the visit of accounts that it does not know, something that can even scare, or simply the typical heavy duty that we follow because it is our cousin, or a friend of the couple, etc. The typical figure that we cannot block or stop following, but with which the mute command falls short. What to do? If your account is private you can force the one that stops following you, but not if it is public.

Privacy and followers

Have a private account at Instagram It brings a lot of tranquility to the users. The owner has full control of the account, from seeing the messages that arrive to the users who make a follow-up request. The latter is fundamental, since it prevents you from telling robots or that you don't want to be followed by doing the same. However, users who have their account Instagram uncovered do not enjoy this tranquility, or at least for now.

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That is why in the social network last summer implemented a new function in which it gives the option to eliminate followers to everyone who has a public account, fpraying a silent fol unfollow ’for it. The follower does not know that he has stopped following you, and will continue this way until he has reviewed his list of followed contacts.

And it is that a blockade, especially someone who we can not stop following, is something that always usually has aggressive connotations. There are those who do not care and do not shake their hands when blocking someone, others prefer less aggressive solutions to get rid of someone, so in Instagram They created this function. According to this capture above, the user does not know that he is no longer part of your followers, and when it does, we can invent an excuse. It's about giving yourself a little more power over those who follow you without having to make the decision to make your account private.

remove follower

Delete followers silently in Instagram

To force these silent unfollow:

  1. Opens Instagram Y go to your profile -the icon on the right side of the bottom bar
  2. Enter the followers you have -in Followers next to your profile picture
  3. In the list that opens you should see a three point icon vertically next to the contact's name. If you press it, the app will give you the option to force a follower to stop following you, but will not notify you.

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