How to delete a Happn account

by Kelvin

The social network that is hidden under the premise of "Know who you have crossed" is one of the apps that facilitate the fact of delete an account. In Happn The rules of the game are clear, and based on your location, you can tell whether or not you like the girl, or the boy, that you have met.

There are numerous times we have seen post in Facebook or in Twitter of people who are looking for that person with whom they have connected in the most casual way possible and try to make a complete description of the person, the conversation and the situation, in order to locate it.


Well, Happn could serve you, but today we have not come to learn to use Happn, but to delete the account. Maybe because you have located that special person, or because you did not like the app. Be as it may, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Happn application and click on the monigote icon to access your profile.

Image - How to delete a Happn account

  1. Click on "App settings".
  2. Locate the option "My data" and press
  3. Choose "Delete my account."
  4. Now he tries to convince you not to eliminate it, but to suspend it. If you still want to delete the Happn account, click on "Delete my account".

Image - How to delete a Happn account

  1. Select a reason, real or not, it doesn't matter, and click on "Yes, it's over!".
  2. In the dialog that appears below, click on "Ok".

From this moment, your Happn account is deleted, and with it, the photos, conversations, Crush, Hello, etc.

Another way to delete your Happn account is to write to them through Facebook for them to do it for you. In this case they will need some of the following data:

  1. Email address and username linked to your profile Facebook.
  2. Telephone number with which you registered in the app.

Important: if you had the premium version of Happn, The subscription is not cut when you delete your account, but continue. To remove the subscription, you have to go to the Play Store or App Store (depending on your operating system) and unsubscribe.

It should be said that removing, that is, uninstalling the mobile app will not cause the account we have on that social network to be deleted.

If after a while you decide to return to Happn, even if you use the same email and photo and such, a completely new account will be created.

Delete a Happn account It is the sea of ​​easy, as we already ventured at the beginning of this article. Consider the extra step if you have a premium subscription, and then everything will be deleted.

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