How to delete all tweets massively and automatically to clear your profile Twitter? Step by step guide

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For years, Twitter It positioned itself as one of the main social networks worldwide and from there, its large number of currently registered users. Since, there are already more than 1.3 billion accounts. However, there are still many things to discover and one of those, is the way to delete tweets massively and automatically.

In this sense, many users of social networks find it necessary to delete certain content from their profiles. Whether for security so as not to leave traces of your activity on the network, also for the images they share, for their interaction with friends, the comments made, etc. Especially, if it's all they have published in their Twitter in the past.


So, to avoid losing your job, not to cause conflicts with close people or win enemies, there is the possibility of delete all your tweets massively and automatically. Which will allow you to clear your profile and start from scratch, if you want, quickly.

Why would I need to delete all my tweets in bulk?

However, it is appropriate to refer to the most important reasons why users of Twitter They should delete their tweets in bulk. Reason why, in this section of the post, we indicate some of the most important causes in this regard:

  • This procedure is required to perform to optimize and clear your profile on the social network in question. Since, if you have had a very active account in recent years, it is possible that you already have more than 50K of published tweets and most of those, do not contribute anything to your profile.
  • If you are looking for work, the company may snoop around some of your social media accounts, especially in Twitter and most likely, you prefer prevent them from seeing the least recommended tweets you've shared there. Therefore, it is considered very important to eliminate these publications massively.
  • In case you like the field of politics and you are thinking of launching a candidate, but you don't want to be discarded during the selection process; It is also advisable to delete all tweets from your profile, automatically.
  • You may also want to delete all tweets to give your profile a 180 degree turn. Twitter by changing everything you post, but still keeping your followers. Either to create a personal brand, a blog or to start some type of business.

What should I keep in mind before using a tool to remove posts from Twitter?

In order to simplify the processes to delete the tweets massively and thus, to avoid the annoying thing that it can be to suppress them manually one by one, different tools and applications have been designed that offer everything necessary so that delete your posts on that social network, quickly.

However, when making use of any of these helpful tools, it is important that keep certain premises in mind and then, we detail the most relevant:

Twitter can you ban

To begin, it is important to clarify to the users, to which the recognized computer term refers "Banear". Which, is a jargon in this technological field that refers to a restriction (temporary, partial or permanent) of a user to a computer system or a network. That is, Twitter could block your account, in some way.

Therefore, the social network in question does not recommend using these types of tools to eliminate tweets. Of course, because of the blocking they can cause in your profile while this process is taking place.

The reason why, Twitter You need to create a new account with a temporary user to change your old user and thus update the new account for the user you had. But, unfortunately, doing that you will lose all your direct messages and your followers.

Make account backup

Before using a certain tool to delete your publications from the bluebird social network, it is also valuable save a backup of your account. Since, through it, you can receive a history of all your publications through email.

Luckily, the same social network has the necessary options for this and allows you specify said backup as follows:

  • Login to your account Twitter and go to the section “Settings and privacy”.
  • Followed by that, click on the selection "Bill".
  • Finally, swipe to the end of the menu and press on "Request your file". With this, in a short time, they will send you an email with all the history of your post.

Only the last 3200 posts will be deleted

Another of the most essential premises to consider when using a tool or application that facilitates the procedure to suppress tweets in a massive and automatic way, is that only the 3200 most recent posts from your profile will be deleted from Twitter.

Being this, a limitation that shows the same social network and that requires repeating the process as many times as necessary with these tools. Which means that if you have 32,000 published tweets, you will have to perform the same procedure 10 times to be able to clear your profile completely.

It should also be noted that the social network in question restrict the display of your posts to that number, that is, at 3200; on any other platform.

Steps to remove all tweets from my profile massively easy and fast

Although there are several tools and many apps to delete tweets in a massive way in a profile of Twitter, without any complications; there is two of these tools that are considered the most famous and powerful to carry out this procedure easily and quickly.

Next, we announce the step by step that should be done in each of these:


With Tweet Deleter

This is basically an alternative that has been designed to simplify the users of Twitter, the possibility of managing your account optimally. Either to search and find several posts in the social network simultaneously and in the same way, to eliminate them with a few simple steps. Taking into account that, it has the function of “Automatic Elimination” to clear your profile and keep it in complete order.

Among its most interesting features, we highlight that it allows you to search for tweets quickly, even if they are many years old. Since, it will simply be necessary enter a date and even select keywords or media type to place them in seconds.

Now to proceed to delete tweets abundantly, you can make any of the following options, Once you enter your social network account directly from the website of this tool:

  • If you want the same tool perform periodic cleaning automatically, you can specify a period in it (Like, for example, 30 days) and every time that time is fulfilled, it will do it optimally.
  • To delete several tweets at the same time, only you must select them with just one click and thus, proceed to erase them instantly and permanently.
  • In case you want to delete the complete history in your profile Twitter, is much simpler. Since, you simply have to make use of your option "Total Elimination" and with a single click, in a matter of seconds, your profile will have zero tweets, keeping everything else (followers, direct messages, etc.).


With Tweet Eraser

Another of the most effective and at the same time, simple and direct tools that exist to eliminate all the tweets you want, is Tweet Eraser. Which, has been designed in order to help its customers to filter and delete post in the profiles of Twitter in a massive way and in just seconds.

In this sense, to proceed to do it, you have to enter their website and enter your social network account from the tab «Register with Twitter» doing use of your username and password. To subsequently allow the application to access your account and with it, use all available tools to clean and clear your profile.

It should be noted that, you can delete these tweets using specific dates or time intervals, like keywords and even hashtags to delete more than one tweet simultaneously. This can be done from a computer or directly from your mobile or tablet with its mobile version, if you prefer. Taking into account that, for both cases, it has a free version and two other premiums that add more features.

Steps to remove your profile posts from Twitter manually

Steps to remove your profile posts from Twitter manually

On the other hand, if you want to delete your publications from Twitter manually, because you want keep certain tweets in your profile and empty only some specific, there is also a way to do it without using tools or applications. Because, the same Twitter It has the option to do it quickly.

In this sense, the steps to be performed are very few and they are based on:

  • To start, access your bluebird social network account from your computer or smartphone (it's indifferent).
  • Then, located on the left side of the screen, click on the "Profile" tab.
  • After that, browse your entire profile and select the tweet you want to remove from your account. These can be their own publications or RT’s.
  • Once you are in the specific tweet, click on the button found in the upper right corner.
  • Now, in the menu that is displayed, click on the first option that prints "Delete", to proceed to confirm the action and voila.

"UPDATED ✅ Do you want to remove all tweets from your profile in a massive and automatic way? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and Discover how to do it ✅ EASY and FAST ✅"

Of course, you will have to repeat the same process to delete each of the tweets that you need to disappear from your profile.

List of the best applications and extensions to delete posts in Twitter massively

In addition to Tweet Deleter and Tweet Eraser, there are also other tools and applications ideal for deleting posts in your profile. Twitter in a massive and automatic way. Therefore, in order to have more alternatives to manage these procedures and thus select the one that attracts you most.

Then, we present five additional solutions:

Delete All My Tweets

It is considered one of the most practical online tools to erase all publications of Twitter immediately and without leaving traces in the search results. This, in view of the fact that, has a very decisive function that is about “Erase everything at once”. So, it does not offer extra options, either to perform advanced searches based on filters or perform specific cleaning schedules.

In reference to the procedure to follow in said tool, it is based on entering the official website of the same and from there, access your account. After that, you must confirm the action and Automatically remove all posts from your profile. As we indicated above, it only allows 3,200 tweets to be deleted simultaneously and in case you have a larger amount, it is necessary to repeat the process.

TwitWipe "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, 300x188.jpg 300w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 2477906506 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/></p><p>It is another of the most outstanding solutions to delete tweets, thanks to its remarkable <strong>simplicity, efficiency and speed when managing all these processes</strong>. Therefore, it is highly recognized and used by many users in the world. As with the others, it only allows 3,200 publications to be deleted simultaneously.</p><p>For its part, once you access its website, you will have to register with your social network account and in that way, <strong>start cleaning your profile</strong>. However, it is valuable to note that the website <strong>It contains a lot of invasive advertising</strong> and because of that, if you have an ad blocker in your web browser, you must deactivate it in order to use the tool.</p><h3></h3><p><img data-lazyloaded=

Although it is estimated as one of the simplest alternatives of the majority, it is also very effective for delete tweets in bulk. Taking into account that, the tool allows you to observe all your publications in the social network profile and choose the ones you want to delete, in order to delete them at once.

For its part, in terms of its operation, the app is responsible for showing you around 100 tweets by default (you can select the option of 500 or 3000 tweets if you want to do it with larger volumes) and from there, the user must start choose which ones you want to delete.

But, if it's not just some tweets, but you need to delete allFortunately you can mark them at the same time to ensure faster.


DLTTR "width =" 800 "height =" 405 "srcset =" 800w, 300x152.jpg 300w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 1830301030 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/></p><p>It is an application compatible with Android and iOS devices, which has the ability to delete your tweets very easily so that you do not have to do it manually and thus, keep your profile Twitter Fully optimized and clean. Thanks to that, its main function <strong>it is based on suppressing all traces of tweets in a massive way</strong>.</p><p>Now, referring to its operation, it is necessary to specify that it allows <strong>remove full batches of post from Twitter</strong>  just by specifying the period of time required. Either for hours, one day, one week, months, years or even, all at the same time.</p><p>Notably, <strong>it's completely free</strong> and for Android, you can locate it in third-party app stores with its APK file; while on iPhone it can be downloaded directly from the Apple Store</p><h4><a target= Download DLTTR Android APK

Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter  Archive Eraser

This, unlike the other solutions, is a web service that offers a program to install on a computer Windows or Mac. Which, works perfectly to delete post from Twitter very quickly, once you run it. Bearing in mind that, it also shows the restriction of delete 3,200 tweets or retweets only in each process.

In addition, it has the ability to delete thousands of direct messages from your account. Twitter in a matter of seconds, in case you need it. Among other features, it has a function called “Smart Analytics & Sync” which is responsible for removing only the tweets you choose and looking for your most successful tweets in order to discuss them in the profile. Too offers search by date and time, as well as privacy control.

to download Twitter Archive Eraser Windows

to download Twitter Archive Eraser macOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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