How to delete all your voice recording from Google Home


Google smart speakers respond to voice commands and store all voice data on Google's servers. For your own safety, this is the way to delete the recording. PCMag reviews the products independently, but we can earn affiliate commissions by buying the links on this page. Terms of use.

Smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Google Home are becoming increasingly popular, primarily as a means of listening to music right now. But they do more than that, from answering questions to controlling smart homes.

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These speakers have a microphone that waits for "wake up words" or phrases that put the speaker in full listening mode. On Google Home devices, which use Google Assistant, the word build is "Hello Google" or "Ok Google", whatever you want. (If you want, you can disable all active listening, even if it defeats the purpose of having a smart speaker.)

To learn more about you and provide the best answers (and announcements), Google stores your audio questions and instructions for Google Assistant. Don't be surprised: Companies like Google and the like are not used to deleting your personal data if it's not necessary.

The echo device has a problem with this; This summer, so does Google (and Microsoft and Apple)

Fortunately, just like you can delete your history with Alexa on the Internet Amazon Echo, you can also delete the history of everything you say to Google Assistant, either through Google Home or even through your smartphone.

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  • Enter my activities

    An easy way to find recordings for you Google Assistant account is visiting You can also find this by logging into, logging into your Google account, clicking your image in the upper right corner, and selecting Google account> Personal and privacy information> Manage your Google activities. On the next page, click Go to my activity.

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    My activity on mobile

    The steps are almost the same on a mobile device. In the Google app on iOS, click on your avatar and follow this path: Manage Google Account> Personal information and privacy> My activity. You will get the same page you found on the desktop.

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    Filter by voice activity

    On the My Activity page, you can scroll and scroll and scroll for days. All the information you have about Google is here. For voice recordings only, look under the search box, which says + Filter by date and product. Click here, leave the date set to "All Time". Then uncheck All the products and put a check mark next to it Assistant and Sound and audio.

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    Play your voice

    Do you know how everyone hates hearing their own voice? There are scientific reasons for that; something to do with the bone in your ear. I can't fix it for you. But I can tell you that if you filter the Assistant / Voice entry on the Google My Activity page, it can be heard talking to Google Home or Google Assistant. It makes listening painful.

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    Delete individual record

    Each individual input is active My activity It has its own menu, indicated by a three-point menu () Access to view details, such as which device or application heard the command, or to delete an entry. Sometimes those pages group many of the things you say together, especially if they all happen at close range, based on time. You can click on the menu and choose delete. A warning will appear: Deleted data cannot be recovered. Because that's the point, click Delete.

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    Filter by date

    You may not want to delete all sound recordings. ever been"Maybe just one or two in particular, when you know you said something stupid or heavy after" Hello Google. " If you know the date to do so, you can limit your search to specific days or ranges of days. However, you cannot reduce it to a certain time. So if you talk to Google Home all day constantly, you should search less.

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    Delete all voice records

    If you filter only by Product (Google Assistant and Sound and Audio), the list not only shows individual entries, but also offers a menu next to each new day on the list. That way, you can delete the recorded data throughout the day. But if you really want to take advantage of all that recording, forever, click "Delete activity byβ€œLink in the left navigation. Set a time frame or use the "All the time" option. Select the product (you cannot combine the Wizard and Sound and Audio here). Click Delete when ready.

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    Google record limit

    Google now allows you to configure automatic deletion of your activities in some of its services. Released for location history, web and app activities; at the end, you can follow the steps below to eliminate voice and audio activity.

    On cell phone Google Assistant the application, click on your face in the upper right corner, then go to You> Your data in Assistant> My activity. At the desk, open Activity control. Scroll down and you will see cards for various types of activities. If you click on Web and Application Activity, for example, you will see an option to "Choose how long to save" the collected data: the option is 3 month 18 month, or save it until you delete it manually. This is not an option in Voice and Audio Activity, but Google says it's on the way.

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