How to delete the "Security code changed" message from WhatsApp

by Kelvin

We refer to a dialog box that appears in Whatsapp, yellow, and that warns us that the security code of a certain contact has changed. Along these lines we will explain how that message is deleted.

But before it would not hurt to explain where this warning comes from to understand its meaning, so let's start with the whys and then we will go to how.


Why do I receive "Security code changed" messages on WhatsApp?

The fact that these notices leave makes us go back to the year 2016 that was when WhatsApp installed end-to-end encryption.

This encryption is automatically activated Every time someone downloads the WhatsApp application on their mobile and the notices that we are going to refer to throughout this text, they are just that, notices.

Image - How to delete the message "Security code changed" by WhatsApp

A dialog box that tells us that that contact installed the messaging app in a new terminal and that, despite that, our conversations remain encrypted end to end.

End-to-end encryption, today, is not very well understood, and that is why there are people who wonder if it is possible to spy on someone else's WhatsApp.

How do I delete the message "Security code changed"?

These messages cannot be deleted as if they were normal messages., that is, if you press and hold the message for a second, the delete option does not appear. Instead, another dialog box appears explaining the reason for that warning and encouraging us to click on "Confirm" to accept the new code. Nothing happens if it is not pressed, your messages will remain encrypted end to end.

Image - How to delete the message "Security code changed" by WhatsApp

In case you press, you must scan the code on your contact's mobile, or he on yours. But as we say, your messages are encrypted end to end, this step it's just a confirmation.

What you can do with these messages is to tell WhatsApp that you do not want to receive them, and for this, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and click on the 3 vertical dots that appear at the top right.
  2. Click on "Settings".
  3. Now click on "Privacy".
  4. Choose the "Security" option.
  5. Uncheck the "Show security notifications" option.

Image - How to delete the message "Security code changed" by WhatsApp

It's that simple to get rid of messages "Security code changed" that sometimes we receive in Whatsapp. From now on you will not receive these yellow messages notifying you that this contact has changed their security code by having WhatsApp installed on another mobile.

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