Long ago, back in 2017, Google launched a reduced version of its application. It was a cropped version for all those phones with Android Go Edition. Today, unexpectedly, Google announces that Google Go It is now available for all those users who want to install it on their mobile.


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Google Go is a version that occupies 10 times less than the Google app. Instead of occupying 200 MB on your phone, go to 20 MB and sacrifices many functions like most of those integrated in Google Lens, the Google assistant and the odd news. However, not everything is bad news, because Google Go has advantages that the heaviest Google application does not have.

How is Google Go?

Google Go is a cropped version of the search engine, the standard application in which we use the Google Assistant, we see the Discover tabs and some other things. In this reduced option Google Go has a setting called basic mode in which it allows us save 40% more data than the normal version when surfing the net.

How to install Google Go on your mobile

In addition to all that, Google Go is able to read us texts aloud (something that the standard client does not have) and integrates a reduced version of Google Lens. Google Go allows you to recognize text with the camera, but does not integrate the other functions of Google Lens. It is appreciated that Google has not sacrificed everything in exchange for more space.

How to install Google Go on your mobile?

Google Go is not only born for those slow mobiles and with little space, the application is also designed to all those who do not need the Google assistant and do not want to give up the default Android search engine. Many will prefer to use Chrome but the Google app is still more comfortable and you have not lost the ability to navigate the search engine using our voice.

If you want to have it on your mobile you should know that it is already available in Google Play for everyone, click here and install this reduced version of the Google search engine on any Android that has Android 5.0 or a higher version. It is great news that Google has released most of the “reduced” applications of its Suite, because now users can choose whether to opt for standard versions or forgo certain services in exchange for some extra speed.

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