How to download videos from Instagram on any device

by Kelvin

For better or worse, everyone is in Instagram, which means that there you will find your friends but also famous people, your favorite brands and much more. This implies that any interesting content will surely have been published or will be shared sooner or later in Instagram.

And as with anything published on the internet, you can if it disappears. Your author may block it or set it as private or simply that Instagram remove it for breaching its policies or for infringing the occasional copyright. So if you find interesting videos on Instagram and you don't want to run out of it, download it.


The problem of downloading videos from Instagram is that there is no button on this social network To facilitate this task. At least for now. Hence we must go to third-party applications or services. The good news is that the process is easy, fast and free.

From your browser

From your computer, tablet or from your smartphone, simply by opening the browser and accessing certain websites, you can download videos from Instagram simply indicating the link of that publication. There are many examples of web services that do that, but here are three recommendations.

How to download videos from Instagram on any device 4

  • Instaview: Despite the publicity, its author has to live something, this website is very useful. You only have to indicate the link of the photo or video to download or the name of the user if you want download your story. Then click on download now, lower the page a bit and you will see the preview of the content to download and another button download now. You'll get the video in MP4 Ready to save on your device.

  • DownloadGram: With a more sober style, this website makes it easy for us to download photos, videos and IGTV content. And as indicated on the screen, you just have to paste the link in the corresponding field, it has no loss. Then we click on Download and if the page recognizes the content, it will show you a button Download video. It is possible that during the process the occasional advertising window is opened, a lesser evil.

  • Dreown: As there are no two without three, another good recommendation to download videos from Instagram. As we have seen in the two previous recommendations, it is as simple as paste the link and press the button Dreown. The particularity of this website is that, in addition to downloading videos from Instagram lets do the same with YouTube, FacebookVimeo Twitch, Twitter And a long etcetera. Its only defect is the excessive use of advertising, so we must close two or three pop-up windows before using the tool.

From your smartphone

If instead of going through the web browser you prefer directly use an application on your Android, here are several examples of apps designed to download videos from Instagram and also photographs. They are free and easy to use.

In case you are a user of iPhone or iPad, I have not managed to find an app that allows you to download videos from Instagramso you must use the websites I recommended before.

How to download videos from Instagram on any device 5

Video Downloader for Instagram (Android): With this app you can download videos from Instagram and photos to save them in the Android Gallery. It works like the pages we have seen: copies the video link since Instagram, you paste it in the app and voila. You can also copy the description and tags, as well as download the video.

Downloader for Instagram (Android): As in the previous examples, you copy the video link from Instagram, you paste it in this app, you check it by clicking on URL check To get one preview and choose if you want to save the photo, video or republish it in Instagram from your account Videos are downloaded in MP4, photos in JPG and save a download history.

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