How to download videos from YouTube legally?

by Kelvin

You may know many applications that allow you to download videos from YouTube and you think there are no consequences, but in some cases those programs download some kind of bug, either to steal information and sell it or simply flood you with advertising.


Don't risk it, there is a simple and legal way to do it, and not only that, also watch videos offline, download complete playlists, watch series and more.

It's about the version YouTube Premium, and is that paying $ 119 per month in your individual option, you can enjoy three services in one: Youtube Premium, Youtube Music and Google Play Music, all without commercials or advertising and with downloadable material for your mobile devices.

Let's say this service works like any other cell phone streaming, where if you want to watch videos without being connected to a data network or WI-FI, you just have to download them and that's it.

1: Enter your premium YouTube account, select the video or song you want to download to your phone and click on the Download icon.

2: Select what quality you want to download, and click OK.

Every time you enter to watch that video, You can do it without being connected.

How to download videos from YouTube legally? 2

To contract this service, go to the official website and know their plans that range from Family Plan of $ 179 pesos per month, Individual of $ 119 pesos per month and Student for $ 69 pesos per month.

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