How to download WhatsApp audios

by Kelvin

How many times have you wanted download whatsapp audios, but you don't know how it is done? As you will see below, there are several ways to download these files to our phone so that you can listen to them outside the app and do other things with them.

What we want with the download of WhatsApp voice notes, whether those that you have received, or even your own that you have sent to any contact, is save them on the phone and then do what you want with them (share them, upload them to the cloud, etc.).


Both on iPhone and Android there are different ways to download audios, although Android is already directly downloaded by default in the folder that WhatsApp itself uses to save audios and other multimedia files (photos, videos, etc.).

Download audios on iPhone

If you use an iPhone and want to download any WhatsApp audio on this mobile, you have several options. First of all, you have to leave the audio pressed and click on “forward”, so that you can then click on the "share" button to display all the options.

Image - How to download WhatsApp audios

What options does the iPhone offer to save audios? There are quite a few, the main one is “save to files”, Which downloads and saves the file on the iPhone, but there are some more interesting options if you don't want to download them to your phone:

  1. Mail: You can send the audio to your email, then you can download it from there on your phone or PC.
  2. Save to Dropbox: By clicking on this option, what you do is download and save the audios in your Dropbox account, so you will have it available in the cloud.
  1. OneDrive and Drive: Among the options, there is also the possibility of uploading audios in OneDrive and Google Drive, which means that they will be stored within that space in the cloud, in your personal account. What you do with uploading is really downloading the audios and storing them in those services.

Image - How to download WhatsApp audios

There are also the possibilities of “copy in Dropbox”, “copy in Drive”, “copy in OneDrive” and in other apps of notes like Evernote, Google Keep and others, which in the end also what they do is download the WhatsApp audio and copy it to those services.

Download audios on Android

As we already commented, Android does not need to download audios, because all are stored in the folder that WhatsApp to save the audios you send and receive, but how you might not want to access that folder, you have some more options available.

Before that, of the audio or audio that you want to download in any conversation, you will have to click on it and click on the "share" option, so that the different options offered by your phone can appear, which may be different depending on the mobile you have and the apps you have installed, some of them are the following:

Image - How to download WhatsApp audios

  1. Copy to: By clicking there, what this option does is that it allows the user to download and save the audios in any Android folder, the one you choose.
  2. Save to Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and other services: as already indicated, this possibility will save those audios in the different services in the cloud, which is equivalent to downloading each one of them in said platforms without going through your phone.

You might ask yourself the question, wouldn't a direct button on WhatsApp be easier than allowing download audio without going through all the previous options? Yes, but for now there is no choice but to go to these options on Android and iOS.

Download audios on WhatsApp Web

More options available, and that is in WhatsApp web is much easier than in iOS and Android download audio, since there is this option that we comment just above, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web and go to the conversations from which you want to download the audios, now hover over the mouse and you will see an arrow appear on them, click on it.
  2. Now choose the "download" option and select the path where you want to save the audio on your computer.

Image - How to download WhatsApp audios

There are different ways of download WhatsApp audios on the phone, they all pursue the same goal, store voice memos on your phone or also on your computer if you use the WhatsApp Web download option.

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