How to download WhatsApp states to have them on my mobile and see them later? Step by step guide

by Kelvin
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Every day people make use of their social networks, and one of the most prominent is the WhatsApp instant messaging manager, in which when their users are not chatting, they are assembling or watching the stories, or rather the states of their contacts.

Not surprisingly, we always find her some state that catches our attention so much that we want to immediately share it Or just save it for us. Normally the fastest and most common way is to take a screenshot, but if you have done it just like us you will know that the result is not always favorable.


This is because the contact data appears in the image, and if it is a video it is practically impossible to obtain it, unless we ask that it be passed to us. But don't worry that in this article we show you the best methods to Download and save them to your mobile for free, anonymously and quickly.

What is the use of downloading WhatsApp states? Uses and advantages

Apart from personal photos and memories, people often mount in their "stories" or states any kind of impressive content. In most cases they are usually memes, images with phrases extracted from other networks and in some cases there are also those who upload educational content.

Since human beings are mostly visual, there will always be an image that will impress us and that we want to have on our mobile to share. Most people usually do screenshots, but the problem is that these almost always include personal information of the contact that uploaded the state and we don't want that.

On the other hand, if we talk about the videos shared in the states, without an adequate method it will be practically impossible to obtain these anonymously.

These are some of the benefits of power save the states of this tool correctly:

  • You avoid the personal data and comments that appear in the states interface when making a screenshot.
  • You will not have to ask your contact to pass you the image or video you want to save.
  • Do you have access to entertainment content, informative and impressive No need to download it, because these are already stored on your mobile.
  • It is not necessary that you look for that image on its official website or on some social network, because you can save it in original format on your mobile

Steps to download WhatsApp stories to watch on Android and iOS

Now we will see how to save the stories of this tool in the two most important operating systems using different applications:

On Android

The easiest way to download and save them is using the native Android programs, in this case The same instant messaging application and File Manager:

  • First you must enter WhatsApp and visualize the stories you want to obtain so that they can be saved in the temporary files of the mobile.
  • Successively we go to «File Manager».

  • We continue to access the files of the device, and then click on the button "More", located in the upper right corner and select the option «Show hidden files».

Show hidden files

  • After activating this option we will see how some folders appear that were not there before. Done this we will go to the folder "Whatsapp", and then to the folder "Half".

Middle folder

  • Finally we will enter the folder «.Statuses»

Statuses folder

  • In this are all the states that we have seen and they will be there for 24 hours or until the owner removes it from their account.

It may be the case that your native file manager doesn't let you see the folder «.Statuses». In this case you can download an application that fulfills this function, so that you can view hidden files that do not appear with the original file browser.

For this task we recommend Total Commander how good you can find it for free in Play Store

Total commander

Once installed, just follow the same sequence of folders shown above, until you find the states of this tool.

On iOS

Unfortunately on iOS there are not too many alternatives to download them, unlike Android, since in the Play Store there are many of them that carry out this task.

Even so, from version 11 onwards iOS has a native resource that allows, in addition to making screenshots, Record the screen in real time and then it can be easily edited. This is excellent for recording the videos of the stories without the need to download them on the other hand.

  • The first thing to do is enter «Settings» from iOS and select the option "Control center".

Control center

  • Then in the new menu screen choose the option «Customize controls».

Customize controls

  • Search among all controls the one that says «Screen Recording» and include it in the controls shortcut menu by pressing the button «+».

Screen recording

  • Now you can go to the stories and just before playing them you swipe up the control center. Press the record button which is located in the lower left corner to start recording.

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Screen Recording 2

  • In case you want to have sound of what you are recording, increase the volume of the mobile to the maximum and when you go to record keep the button pressed until the following screen appears, where you must select the option «Activate microphone audio».

Microphone audio activated

  • Then, a countdown will appear and recording will begin. Notably the sound the mobile is recording is done with the external microphone And this can be a bit annoying if you are in a noisy environment.
  • Finally to pause or stop recording, just press on the red bar that will be active at the top of the screen.

Stop screen recording

In case you want to trim parts of the video, these are stored in the gallery, therefore they are easily editable and even from there you can take captures of a specific point.

List of the best applications to download Whatsapp Messenger states on Android and iOS

In this section we will know some software that we can find in stores, To download and save them on our phones:

Status Saver

Status Saver

This is a very simple application that allows you to download and save WhatsApp states in the gallery. All you have to do is visualize the states, open this app and choose which ones you want to store.

It also includes the sharing options immediately, just in case you want to upload this information in your own state or in another social network.

Save status downloader

Status donwloader for WhatsApp and video

Once you have seen a state, with this tool you can choose which of them to save and which to delete, which is very useful because they are stored without the need for a major expense of Internet data. In addition, it is excellent because it handles maintain and improve image quality or videos you are saving.

Save WhatsApp states

Save WhatsApp states

This simple software perfectly fulfills the function, in turn allows delete all temporary files that WhastApp stores automatically With it you will have the advantage of being able to share the states that you keep as if they were originally yours.

New state downloader

New state downloader

This is undoubtedly one of the best you can find, first because with this tool you can view the states without opening Whatsapp, because it has its own image and video player, which prevents the owner from being notified that you have seen the status. Finally it is possible to save them to share anywhere else.

Status downloader for WhatsApp

Status donwloader for WhatsApp

This is a lightweight software that makes it easy for you to download WhatsApp states on your mobile. Without much procedure and complication.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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