How to download YouTube videos free and legally

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How to download YouTube videos free and legally

See content in smartphones it has become child's play. Many OTT platforms provide a lot of content to suit your mood. I've never really used cable TV when I watch my content on Amazon Main video and Netflix. But YouTube It's where my heart is.It's free (excluding YT Premium) and anyone can watch any video without paying a subscription fee. Done YouTube It is the second largest search engine, while Google takes the trophy home.

We are in 2020 and everyone has seen YouTube video once in your life. Why Because it is popular, free, and a great source of global information and entertainment. Therefore, it is certain that many people may want to save content to view it offline so that they can entertain themselves on their trips, trains and planes without an Internet connection, it is what we all long for. But unfortunately, a saving YouTube Videos to watch offline are illegal.

YouTube’ Terms of Service clearly indicate what to download YouTube the videos (even if you do not intend to change, sell or claim them as your own) are illegal. But there are ways you can use to download YouTube video to watch videos without internet connection, which is legal. What are you waiting for? Come on, jump.

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Remember to use third party applications to download YouTube The video is against the terms of service of YouTube- You want to stream videos directly from the server. That is due to the download YouTube the video also leads to possible copyright infringement unless and until you have permission from the video's owner, is in the public domain, or owns the video.


How to download YouTube videos free and legally 1

YouTube to download

YouTube Introducing a great feature to download your videos that are free and legal and you won't need a third party application. The function itself is known as 'Download' and is in the native language YouTube The application.

Step 1: Launch YouTube application on your device and search for videos.

Step 2: Click to see it. You'll see "To download" button between the two Share and save.

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Step 3: You will see a pop-up window asking you to choose a video resolution. If you don't want to be bothered by pop-ups, you can click "Remember my setup."

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Step 4: Now you will see that the video is being downloaded. You can cancel the download from the dropdown menu as seen below or just click on it "To download" button in the video, which works as a cancel command.

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Step 5: Now go to 'Library' to see your downloads. Click on "Downloads".

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Step 6: You will see all downloads here. Note that all downloaded videos will disappear if your device has no internet connection for at least 29 days.

How to download YouTube videos free and legally

Exists This is an easy way to download YouTube free videos that are also legal. Now, I know you are expecting something grim, but let me remind you that downloading videos using third party apps is illegal. 3nions does not support illegal applications.

Question and answer

You can download YouTube free video?

Yes, you can download it YouTube video in the application itself. However, it will not be stored in your storage. You can access from YouTube The application.

How can I legally download? YouTube the video?

Downloading YouTube illegal video Section 5 of the Terms of Service YouTube establishes that the download is illegal YouTube videos even if you don't change, sell or claim them as your own.

How can I download YouTube video without any application?

YouTube introducing downloads to solve the problem of offline viewing. You can download videos in the app to watch videos without internet connection.

Is YouTube screen recording illegal?

You can filter recordings YouTube videos but illegal, even for offline viewing. You may not make a copy of any content without permission.


YouTube It is an amazing medium that allows you to see what is happening around the world. YouTube Premium is the way Google requests a subscription, but I guess you're good with the free service. As I said, there are many third party applications that allow you to download YouTube video but it is very illegal. You must choose a safe and easy way that has been supported by Google.

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