How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive


Google Drive might be one of the best cloud storage services, but it still lacks some notable options. Although you can copy records In Google Drive, there is no option in the context menus of Google Drive to copy or duplicate, folders. So how are we supposed to copy Google Drive folders?

Copy multiple files to a new Google Drive folder

As mentioned, Google Drive includes a Make a copy option for files. As such, you can still copy all the files into a folder by selecting that option. This is how you can duplicate a Google Drive folder with the Make a copy option.

  • First, open your Google Drive cloud storage in a browser.
  • Open a folder to copy on Google Drive
  • You can quickly select all files in that folder by pressing the Ctrl + A shortcut key
  • Next, right click on any of the selected files and Select Make a copy in the context menu.How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 9
  • New copies of the files will now appear in the same folder with “Copy of…” in the file titles. Right click on one of the original files, which remain selected, and click Move to.
  • Click on the gray folder icon with a + on it, at the bottom right of the menu, to create a new folder. Enter a title for it.How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 10
  • Click on the Create folder button to add the folder to My drive. It is the white check mark on a blue background, right next to the title of the new folder.
  • Finally, press the Move here button to move the original files to the new folder. This will leave you with two folders that contain exactly the same content.
  • How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 11

    Copy folders with Backup & Sync app

    Alternatively, you can copy Google Drive folders by adding Backup and Sync software to Windows. Backup and Sync adds a Google Drive folder to File Explorer. The software syncs that directory so you can open your GD-saved documents from File Explorer and save documents directly to cloud storage. Since File Explorer includes GD folders, you can also copy them with that file manager.

    First, add Backup and Sync to Windows by clicking on the to download button on this web page. When it is downloaded, launch the Backup and Sync installer. Thereafter, open the Backup and Sync app; and select a Google account to log in. Then you can choose some folders to backup to Google Drive and select the Synchronize my unit to this computer option.

    Open File Explorer when Windows it has been synced with My Drive. Click the Google Drive folder to open it, and then right-click a GD folder to copy. Select the Copy option in the context menu. press the Copy to and select to save the copied folder to Google Drive. Then you can also open that copied folder from the cloud storage browser tab.

    How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 12

    Copy Google Drive folders with web apps

    There are also a couple of web apps with which you can copy Google Drive folders. Copy Folder is a web application that copies GD folders. Click this hyperlink to open the Copy Folder application.

    When you open the Copy folder, you will need to click Authorize and then press the Review permissions button and select a Google account. If the account does not appear in the list, click Use another account and log in. press the next and Allow buttons to open the tab shown in the snapshot directly below.

    How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 13

    press the Select the folder button to open the window shown directly below. Choose a folder to copyand press the Select button. Then enter a title for the duplicate folder in the text box. press the Copy folder button duplicate the chosen folder on Google Drive.

    How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 14 also has an alternative web application to copy folders from Google Drive. Click here to open the app page at Then press the Sign in with Google to select a Google Drive account and open the web application as shown in the snapshot directly below.

    How to duplicate / copy a folder on Google Drive 15

    press the Click to navigate Source folder button to select a GD folder to copy. You can also press the Click to navigate for the destination folder to choose a Google Drive directory to save the duplicate folder. Enter a title in the New folder name text box. Select the Copy files check box click Advance, and press the Come on button. Thereafter, you can click a hyperlink to open the copy of the new folder in Google Drive.

    This is how you can copy your folders from Google Drive. Hopefully Google could wake up someday and add a Copy Folder to GD option. Until then, you can copy GD folders by copying all files into them or by using Backup and Sync software and folder copying web applications.

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