How to enable dark mode in Gmail for Android

by Kelvin
How to enable dark mode in Gmail for Android

Little by little, all Google applications darken and one that doesn't have it by default is Gmail. The arrival of Android 10 is closer than ever and in Pixel, which activates the dark mode for the entire system, you can see most of the Google applications in this format that allows us to save energy with AMOLED screens. Dark mode has not yet fully reached Gmail, but there are already some parts of the app that are in the dark format.

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The first part that Google added to dark mode is Android widget, which you can place on your desk to check your inbox without entering letters. And to test it, you must activate the dark mode on your Android phone, but … How do you do this?

How do you enable dark mode in Gmail?

The process is easier than it seems, the only problem is that you will only have access to the dark mode in the widget. The app will continue to appear blank, but will activate it at that time, in future updates please place it. The latest APK not only adds gestures to easily switch accounts, but also brings this dark mode.

  • Download the updated Gmail APK from the Mirror APK.

Once installed on your phone, it will activate parts of the dark mode in Gmail on your mobile device, but to see them in their night format there are no options in the application. The process involves turning on dark mode on your cell phone and not only works in pixels. We have tested it on Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie, with dark mode activated, and it has worked perfectly.

How to activate dark mode in Gmail

How do I activate dark mode on an Android phone?

Most customization layers have this option on your mobile device. The The process is usually the same in all. We go to Phone settings (not the application) and look for the Screen section. Once inside, we will find an option called Dark Mode. In some phones it can appear as a theme (in the case of pixels) and in others we can even find this option in the Battery option and not on the screen.

When we enable this option, we can also enjoy Gmail's dark mode other google apps in a dark format that allows it to be activated in this way.

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