How to enable Developer Options in Android 10

by Kelvin
Android 10

The new version of Android is now available in its final version for all those users of a Google Pixel, but there are still a few days left before it reaches the first terminals that were part of the beta program, and of which none of the Samsung or Huawei terminals were part, the two companies that more smartphones They sell all over the world.


As usual, with each new version, Google guys modify the operation of some functions. With Android 10, the method to activate Developer Options It is not the same as with Android 9 Pie. If you want to know how to activate this function in Android 10 I invite you to continue reading.

Enable Developer Options in Google Pixel with Android 10

Enable Android 10 Developer Options

  • First, we must go to the System settings.
  • Next, click on Phone Information, penultimate option that we can find within the menu Settings.
  • Finally, we must click on the menu Build Number repeatedly until the system Ask us for the PIN of our terminal.
  • Once we have entered the PIN of our terminal, the system will notify us that lThe Developer Options have been activated successfully.

When activating this option, our terminal will offer us a new menu, menu in which we must not touch anything that we do not know how it works, since it can affect the performance and stability of the system and that would force us to restore the phone completely from scratch so that it works again as at the beginning.

Android 10 allows us record the screen of our terminal natively without having to resort to third-party applications, one of the functions most demanded by the user community and which is already available on iOS for at least 3 years.

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