How to export chats in Telegram using Telegram desktop application

by Kelvin

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Among the many cross-platform messaging applications available, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications, offering many features, not only to communicate with people you know but also to chat, without affecting your productivity. Not always, but sometimes, you may need to send someone a chat, or you want to save your own chat history for future reference. Taking chat screenshots may seem like the easiest option, but you know very well how things can easily be confused with more screenshots containing messages. So it is good to find another way.


In most cross-platform messaging apps, you can export your chat history to a file, so you can open it later to view messages or share them with someone. When it comes to Telegram, you can also export one or more chats to a file. It's not complicated, but all you need is the desktop version of Telegram. Until now, I couldn't find an option to export individual chats on Telegram using Telegram app or Android Telegram X. Well, the nature of Desktop Telegram app is one of the most important reasons, why I really like Telegram, and there is no reason you do not have to install it on a computer.

Backup chat in the Telegram application

So, without further delay, let's get started, how you can export individual chats from the Telegram desktop app.

Open the Telegram desktop app, and therefore open the chat you want to export.

Option to export chat history on Telegram

Click the three-dot menu, then click ‘Export chat history'.

Export chat media file

Now, in addition to text, you can optionally export photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, video messages, files, GIFs, and more. You can set the minimum and maximum sizes of the exported chat history 1 MB or 1500 MB respectively and limits 8 MB will be set by default. Among other settings, you can change the path to export chats by clicking ‘Download route', And select only the messages to be exported, between the two selected dates, by clicking on the oldest message message' and 'present'.

By default, all messages will be exported. Finally click 'To export'.

Show my data

The export details will now be displayed, including the total number of files exported and the total size. You can click ‘Show my data'To take it directly to the folder where the chat is exported, or you simply have to exit the window.

Show chat data exported by Telegram

Telegram chat history file

In the folder, you can find a file named ‘messages.html'Which will show you a complete chat history.

Telegram chat history file

In other folders, you can find photos, stickers, videos, and other items that are in the chat.

Export chat from Telegram T60

Folders will generally come with the name ‘ChatExport_DD_MM_YYYYY’Followed by a number to avoid duplicate folder names if you export multiple chats one at a time.


Unlike other chat apps, the chat history looks intuitive and neat once the export process is complete, which is certainly great. Other files and media will also be displayed on web pages, and images, files, videos and other items can be clicked so you can open them in a new tab or download each file individually.

So, this is how you can use export chat on Telegram using Telegram for desktop. You have a question. Feel free to comment the same below.