Take a screenshot of videos from YouTube It seems like a simple process but we don't always get the expected result. Blurred images or the second of the scene has passed and we end up capturing details that do not interest us.


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To avoid all these problems we can use different resources that facilitate the task and extract images from videos in YouTube In one step. Check out this selection.

Screenshot YouTube

This option is an extension for Google Chrome that allows capture frames of any video from YouTube.

You just need to install the extension in the browser and you will see that an icon is added in the browser bar. Once you activate it and customize some options you can use it in YouTube.

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 5

As you see in the image, "Screenshot" is added in the bottom bar of the video. When you want to capture an image you only choose that option and it will automatically save your selection in PNG format.

Video Screenshotter

This extension follows a dynamic similar to the previous option. You install it in Chrome and it will be ready to use in YouTube.

You can customize some details how to choose keyboard shortcuts or specify if you want the capture to be downloaded in PNG or JPG. When you open any video from YouTube You will see that a camera icon is added to the controls, just select it and it will take the capture.

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 6

Following this dynamic you can capture high resolution images of any video from YouTube. A bonus it offers is that its dynamics is also compatible with other platforms such as Vimeo and Netflix, as well as different websites with embedded videos.

Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

This is a practical option if you need extract the thumbnail of a video from YouTube.

In this case it will be impossible to make a capture, so this website facilitates the process. You just have to copy and paste the video URL of the YouTube in the bar that shows the site. Select “Get YouTube Thumbnail ”and will automatically show you the thumbnail image of YouTube.

To download the image you have to use the context menu of the web browser with the right mouse button. Or you can copy the URL of the image and share it on social networks or messaging apps.

Turn Off the Lights

This is one of the most complete extensions with features to customize YouTube. And among them, the option to extract images from your videos.

Its main feature is to give a dark layer to YouTube with different degree of opacity, as well as other options to have a personalized visualization of the videos. And to activate the option we are interested in, we must select the extension icon in the browser bar, go to Settings and move to Advanced Options >> Toolbar, as we see in the image:

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 7

Once the toolbar is activated, just position the mouse cursor on the video and choose the camera icon:

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 8

It will not save the image as the previous options but it will redirect us to another page so that we can personalize some details. For example, we can add filters to the image to improve it, set if we want the logo to appear YouTube and the type of format.

Once we have made all the necessary modifications we can download the image. This extension is compatible with different web browsers and its dynamics can be applied on Vimeo, Netflix, Dailymotion and other platforms.

All options allow you to capture images only from the video, do not include the controls YouTube. So you will get a perfect image with a few simple clicks.

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