How to extract images from videos of YouTube

by Kelvin

Of YouTube We can get everything. Obviously, interesting videos to watch at any time, also music from the audio of those videos, and also, images from the frames of the video.

Extract a frame or static image of a video of YouTube It is relatively easy nowadays, since online we can find pages specialized in this task just as we will find pages to extract music from a video or to download that video directly in the desired format.


Let's look at several examples to get an image of a video of YouTube and thus publish it in Facebook or Instagram or share it on WhatsApp or Snapchat. Easy, fast and free.

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 5

Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

If we just want the featured image of a video from YouTube, what we know as thumbnail, you can easily get it with Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image, a simple page that does that precisely, offer us the image we see in a video before playing it.

Enter the address of the video, click on Get YouTube Thumbnail and will appear below the thumbnail at full resolution and in the resolution of the original video. Then we just have to do right click on the images to save them on our PC or Mac.

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 6

Screenshot YouTube

If you are a user of Google Chrome and do not want complications, a good solution is the extension Screenshot YouTube. Once installed, you can save video frames from YouTube in PNG format.

To use it you must install it like any other extension and then activate it from its red button in the upper right corner of Chrome, by clicking on Options and then on Playback rate buttons. When you open any video from YouTube, the word will be added to the official buttons Screenshot as well as several buttons to accelerate playback: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x.

So, with Screenshot YouTube you can extract images from YouTube Y speed up video playback that are too long or have too many unnecessary moments.

And if you use Firefox, a very similar extension is YouTube Screenshot Button.

How to extract images from videos of YouTube 7

Turn Off the Lights

We continue with extensions for the browser. On this occasion, Turn Off the Lights, used to play videos of YouTube darkening the rest of the page. But, in addition, it has other functions, and among them the ability to capture video frames from YouTube.

First we install Turn Off the Lights in our browser. It has a version for Google Chrome and also for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Yandex and Microsoft Edge. Once installed, we right click on its bulb-shaped icon. Click on Options and then in Advanced Options. There we will have the possibility to activate the function that interests us, Video toolbar.

Activating “Show toolbar…”, as that menu indicates, we will obtain a camera-shaped button to capture a static image of the video from YouTube What are we watching.

From now on, if you place the mouse on top of a video of YouTube, you will see a translucent toolbar. One of its options is the camera-shaped button. If you press it, you will capture the chosen frame and a new tab will open to customize the capture: brightness, contrast, saturation …

With Turn Off the Lights, you can also add the logo of YouTube to capture, play button and finally choose an image format (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and WebP) before downloading the capture by clicking on Download Image!

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