How to find and use hidden filters for photos and videos of stories from Instagram

by Kelvin
How to find and use hidden filters for photos and videos of stories from Instagram

Instagram has become, on its own merits, in one of the most popular social networks on the planet. Even before I bought it Facebook, its combination of photography and video, together with its growing list of effects to modify the scene and our appearance made the app be adopted more and more, and we can consider it even the germ of others that have come later, such as the increasingly vibrant Tik Tok.

But Instagram still keeps the odd secret, like the fact have a good part of the effects of their hidden stories with the naked eye. Perhaps we have seen some history of a contact with an effect that we do not know where it comes from and not, we do not talk about privileged users with access to effects that we do not have, but that Instagram Save additional effects away from the main menu. We show you how to locate them and bring them to light.


How to locate hidden story filters


To be able to access these hidden effects we will only have to enter the section of the publication of stories in Instagram, a menu that is accessed by sliding to the right in the main window of the app, where we see the photographs of our contacts. A simple slide to the right and we will be there, perhaps Instagram Ask us for access to the phone's camera if this is the first time we use the stories.

At the bottom of this screen we can see the shutter button to capture photography or video, and on the right we will see some effects that we can access by sliding to the left on the button, causing them to appear. But these effects are limited and there is the key, the name under these effects with an arrow which indicates that there is a drop-down not too well highlighted.


Clicking on the drop-down will open a floating window at the bottom where we will see a button called "Explore effects ". Accessing it we will have at our disposal all the effects of the stories of Instagram, being able to try them and save them on the phone if we want them to always appear in the main list of the app and we don't have to go back to this menu for them. Now we can do with Instagram Everything we want. We remind you the steps one by one.

  • We access the stories of Instagram.
  • At the bottom, we slide to the left to access the effects.
  • Under any effect, click on its name.
  • In the floating window we choose "Explore effects".
  • We test any of the effects that appear and save them on the phone if we want.

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