How to find someone's birthday

by Kelvin

Although it can be really difficult to find a person's personal data, the best thing you can do to find someone's birthday is to find out thoroughly. There are many methods in which this can be done, especially now that there are various social networks and other technology tools. You will see that you can find it optimally.

Search Birthday Date with Social Networks

There are a lot of social networks in which it is mandatory to place the birthday date to register. Such are Twitter, Facebook or Linkedln. The dependence on them makes everything much easier to find out today. Thanks to them we can find someone's birthday without any inconvenience. You just have to go to the person's profile to do it.

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find the rut by name

How to do it?

To be able to find someone's birthday in the right way, the best we can do is enter their social networks. In most of the profiles, if they do not have it private, the date of their birthday will appear without any inconvenience. However, in places like Instagram, you should see the photos to see if the person has uploaded a photo of his birthday and you can, in turn, see the date. It is very simple.

Other methods to find the birthday date by RUT

However, there are other methods with which you can find someone's birthday, in case the previous ones do not help you. You will only have to enter the full name of the person Then, the birthday date will appear immediately and accurately. That is why many people rely on this page to look for this type of information and congratulate people on time.

Web pages that show all the data of a person:

Civil registration
  • Firstname and Signature: To use this system simply write down the Name or Ruth of a person.
  • Router: A blog of all the information you need to find anyone from Chile through its RUT and Name.
  • RutChile: Internet-mounted system that finds out all the data and address of a person.
  • Civil registration: From the Civil Registry online Download a Free certificate to know the date of birth or birthday of a person.

In short, knowing where to find someone's birthday is one of the advantages of technology. You won't even forget it anymore. Too easy!

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