How to find your mobile PUK code using any operator

by Kelvin
Найдите мобильный PUK-код

Find your mobile PUK code

The PUK code is a well-forgotten code due to the difficulty of memorizing so many random numbers, and especially because it is surprising that we need it. However, as soon as a terrible moment comes when we do not enter the PIN code more than three times or for some reason we need find PUK code for mobile , we must resort to a number of options that we must keep in mind.

To make it easier find the PUK code of the SIM card , the operators do not offer other options. Depending on the time and place where we are, we can choose one or another option, since the need for a PUK code when we are at home will not be the same as when we are caught traveling, for this reason we are going we will show you all the options for operators in Spain.


When you need a PUK code

Using this code is simply out of necessity restore access to the SIM card in the mobile , Only an Android smartphone or iPhone will ask for it if we enter the wrong PIN three times in a row. This eight-digit code is not required at any time to change the mobile phone PIN or to deactivate the SIM card PIN on our mobile phone.

Ways to find mobile PUK code

In the operator’s welcome package

The easiest way to find the PUK code for our mobile phone is an envelope or a package that we receive when we change the operator or when registering a phone number. PIN and PUK codes are printed on All Maps. In some cases, it is necessary to scratch a hidden space, which is covered for protection so that only we know it.

PIN PUK tarjeta SIM

From the client area

Through a mobile web browser or computer, we will be able to access the official website of our operator and thus access configuration or information to view the PUK code. This allows us to do this conveniently from any device, avoiding calls or providing information that confirms our identity.

Operators cabinet:

código PUK operador

Through a phone call

Another available method is the classic call, when, after explaining our needs, they ask us for identification data, such as first and last name, an identity document, or a phone number that we need know PUK-code in order to use mobile.

persona hombre lamada telephono

In regular stores

It is also possible to find the PUK code in the operators’ physical stores, if our operator has them. This will, of course, depend on where we live and their availability given the opening hours.

moviles en tienda

With mobile app

Mobile app is another option worth considering know PUK-code though in order to access it we have to access it before losing access to the SIM card. In some cases, the mobile application sends us an SMS code to verify our identity, and without an active SIM card, we will not be able to receive this code.

puk movil app

Ways of contacting operators to obtain PUK-code

Movistar Support

  • Helpline: 1004

MásMóvil Support

  • Helpline: 2373

Vodafone Support

  • Helpline: 22123

Orange customer support

  • Helpline: 1470

Yoigo Support

  • Helpline: 622

Tuenti Mobile Support

  • Via online chat in the app or on the internet.

O2 Customer Support

  • Helpline: 1551

Finetwork customer support

  • Helpline: 1777

Pepephone Support

  • Helpline: 1212

Lowi Customer Support

  • Helpline: 121

Jazztel Customer Support

  • Helpline: 1565

Amena Customer Support

  • Helpline: 1478

Digi Customer Support

  • Helpline: 1200

Simyo Customer Support

  • Helpline: 1644

Euskaltel Support

  • Helpline: 1717

Lebara Customer Support

  • Helpline: 2224

Lamaya support

  • Helpline: 2376

Suop customer support

  • Helpline: 744401212

República Móvil Support

  • Helpline: 1515