How to fix / unpin the bait Twitter the application

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How to fix / unpin the bait Twitter the app 1

Than Twitter The apps for iOS and Android undergo design changes. The new design brings one of the oldest features and is more useful in the future; the list Lists allow you to group different users, whether you follow them or not, together. When you visit the list, you get a kind of timeline that shows the tweets of the users included in the list. Other accounts you follow don't appear when you read tweets from the list. In a new design, Twitter allows you to pin / unpin the feed to your main feed Twitter timeline This is how it works.

Anchor / unpin list to Twitter

Open it Twitter application on your iPhone or Android phone. You may already have multiple lists built into your start feed. When Twitter By adding this feature, you proactively incorporate lists that you often interact with. To pin or unpin a list, touch your profile picture to open the navigation drawer. In the navigation drawer, select List.

On the List screen, you will see all the embedded lists and, below, a complete list of all your lists. There will be a pin button next to each list. Touch to anchor / unpin from the list.

The embedded list feature isn't bad, but if you insert too many lists into your start feed, it can get messy and frustrate the purpose of being able to easily find the list and read it. But even with a messy homepage feed, this is the easiest way to navigate the list.


The pin list function has not yet been added to Twitter, but you don't really need to add it there. The web interface offers more flexibility and is easier to navigate compared to a mobile application. Users can easily switch to the list tab and select a list to view tweets.

This feature has some room for improvement because you can't tell at a glance which list is from the startup source. When you choose a start font list, the name appears at the top, but you have to remember which fonts are pinned in which position if you want to skip directly instead of searching all the way to find the right one. There may be no way to make the list name more visible because there is limited space at the top.

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