How to follow flights in real time from your mobile


Today, those who have more and less friends, colleagues or family who fly somewhere in the world, whether on a personal or professional trip. As always, the concern of verifying that everyone arrives safely at their destination is clear. The best antidote to poison is to always know where these people are. cell-assisted flight.

The arrival smartphones More than a decade ago, it gave us the possibility of having a computer in our pocket that could track thousands of flights directly, thanks to different applications that allowed us to access this valuable information.


Application to always know where there are commercial aircraft

This time we start with the application that we have available in Google Play Store and on the App Store Apple, called Flightstats. It has been specifically designed to offer us detailed information about any flight. For this, all we need is the flight number and enter it in the application. From then on, the application will intensively monitor this flight, from where we can Know the current and future trajectories. Because the application draws in detail the path followed by the flight. An important aspect of this application is that we can even display this information in Apple Watch compatible, in real time.

Flight tracking with FlightStats

Another application that has versions of Android and iOS is for FlightAware, and not only that, but we can also access that information from the website of this tool. It stands out for a very careful look, and A highly detailed map that is undoubtedly the best of the application.. By the way, we have to pay money to avoid seeing ads. However, it is one of the best flight tracking applications that we can install on our cell phones.

Flying consciousTrack flights with FlightAware

Another more interesting application is Flightradar24 Flight Tracker Flight Tracker, which is an application that has several special features. It is also available for iOS and Android, and in addition to all other applications, which Let's do something almost real, because by pointing to the sky with a cell phone, we can know which plane is flying at that time above us.

Therefore, it is also a very interesting and even fun application for commercial aviation lovers, because this application also shows us the details about the plane that flies over us, even showing the photo. In summary, the three applications with which we will obtain all the necessary information about any flight around the world.

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