How to follow the Perseidas 2019 or tears of San Lorenzo from your mobile

by Kelvin
Perseidas 2019


One more summer, we arrive at one of the most special moments of the whole year, not only because many are going to enjoy their vacations or a juicy bridge for the holiday of August 15, but because it is the ideal time to see the rain of Perseids We tell you how to see the Perseids 2019 from the mobile, also known as tears of San Lorenzo.


While the night falls to enjoy this rain, it would not hurt to throw a few games with the mobile with one of these games that are normally paid for free.

So you can follow the Perseidas 2019 from your mobile

Those we commonly know as shooting stars will make their August, never better during this week. Because in some moments peaks of up to 100 meteors per hour will be reached. This year there is the negative circumstance to see well the Perseids 2019 It is the phase of the moon, which will reach the full moon during the night of August 15. Well, the best nights to enjoy these Perseids 2019 are the nights between August 11 and 13, that means that from this next morning we will be able to see the Perseids better than ever.

The keys to enjoying these Perseids 2019 is first to be located in a place with little light pollution, far from the cities, and secondly, know where to look. And this we can achieve with an app that guides us thanks to the sensors of the phone of the place with more activity of shooting stars, so that our night display is as productive as possible. One of the most popular is that of Stellarium Mobile PLUS, which now has this Plus version, of course, which is paid, with which we can have a clear picture of what night sky is in real time.

Perseids 2019

Download Stellarium Mobile PLUS for Android Download Stellarium Sky Map for iOS

Another of the most interesting is that of Sky map, this is one of the oldest in the Google store, and it is also completely free. With it we will also have the facility to find the ideal time to see the greatest number of shooting stars during these next nights.

Perseids 2019

Download Sky Map

Finally, if you get hooked on this to see rains of small meteorites, the app Meteor Shower Calendar It offers us a list of the most important rains of the year, and the days in which they reach their peak, therefore, you can also know the most active days of successive Perseids.

Download Meteor Shower Calendar