How to format Windows 7

by Kelvin

How to format Windows 7 3

Windows 7 It is one of the most useful versions, as it provides a faster and easier way of use, unlike previous programs. In this article we bring you information on how format Windows 7 in an easy way. You need to read the data we offer you well so that you can achieve it. We start with the following:

What is formatting your computer?

First of all, you need to know that this practice It consists of deleting the saved files in order to combat any harmful element on your computer, as a virus, in this case. Also, formatting is also useful because it causes the proper functioning of your equipment.


What should you do before to format Windows 7?

What should you do before formatting Windows 7

Before installing Windows 7 on your team you must do the following: press SUPRE and DEL, go to BIOS, then Boot Order, in addition to CD and DVD. Then you need to press ESC and F10 to begin the process that we will finally discuss in this article.

On the other hand, remember that before you start, you must have your Windows 7, the copy to be exact.

Install Windows 7 on your computer

Obtain Windows 7 on your computer

First, you must use CD or DVD to start. That way, it will open Windows 7, therefore, you must select the language, and other details, then press Install Now. Accept the terms of use of Windows 7. Subsequently, you must click on Format.

That way you can do it. However, keep in mind that, beforehand, you must opt ​​for the following option that provides you: Unit C, because through it you will finally install Windows 7 on your team. They will also ask you to add a password for added security. You must also configure the time zone, among others. And ready.

In short, format Windows 7 is a work a bit complex, but not impossible, therefore, if you follow the instructions we have discussed in this article, you can do it without problems. We wish you luck in the process.

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