How to free memory on iPhone and Android

by Kelvin

Next to mobile data and battery, the available memory space Your smartphone is one of the main problems you have to deal with from time to time. App Store and Google Play They are full of applications and games you want to try, and this makes you sooner or later run out of space.

And what about the intensive use of applications like WhatsApp, which fill our phone with photos and videos. Photos and videos that we make and keep on the smartphone until runs out of storage.


As much computers and neat as we are, from time to time we are forced to make a digital cleaning of our iPhone or Android phone to lighten it and recover available space. To do this you just have to follow some simple methods, tricks or tips that we detail below.

Find the source of the problem

Start erasing things without a ton or they are may help, but we are lucky. It is more convenient make sure what the problem is, what makes the available space in the memory of your iPhone or Android diminish at times.

How to free memory on iPhone and Android 6

Both Android and iOS have their own tool that will tell us how bad we are to die, or in this case, which applications occupy more space. On Android we will find it in Settings> Storage. It will tell us the percentage of used memory, the available space of main memory and the SD card, and by clicking on Internal storage we will see how our gigs of memory go.

In iOS, we will find a similar tool in Settings> General> Storage. We will know the space occupied by applications, multimedia content, etc., as well as which applications occupy more space.

Free space, automatic mode

The fastest and most automatic way to gain more space available on your smartphone, if you have Android, is by pressing the button Free up space what will you find in Settings> Storage> Internal storage or similar. Android will search old items such as photographs, videos, files and applications for you to decide if you want to delete them. If you can't find anything, it will propose you to delete recent items.

How to free memory on iPhone and Android 7

On iOS, from Settings> General> Storage We have two quick solutions to gain more space. The first consists of Optimize photos, or what is the same, your iPhone or iPad will upload your photos to iCloud and leave an optimized copy, smaller in size, on your device. Second, we can Uninstall unused apps, automatic process that will run when we are left with little space. It will delete apps and games but keep the associated files and settings.

Free space, manual mode

At this point we have analyzed the memory of our smartphone to know what occupies so much space. We have also tested with the automatic solutions offered by iOS and Android. Now it's time to go to manual solutions.

First, applications and games. Do we really need all we have installed? Can we substitute an app for its web version if we use it once a month or less? In that case, on Android we can remove deprecated applications both from Settings> Storage> Internal storage as from Google Play> Left side menu> My apps and games> Installed. We will see the list with the space each occupies. With the filter we can sort that list by Last use or by Size. Clicking on each app or game we will see its tab and a button Uninstall.

How to free memory on iPhone and Android 8

On iPhone and iPad, we can uninstall applications and games directly from Settings> General> Storage. If we click on each one, we will see the option Uninstall app I Delete data. In this second case, we will get rid of documents, files and data generated by that application. By experience, it’s better to delete that data manually, from the app itself, so as not to delete an important document, photo or video without wanting to.

Clean photos and videos

Together with applications and games, photographs and videos are the elements that occupy the most space in the memory of your smartphone. A simple review It will help us to see that there are videos and photos that we can do without. And if we find material that we want to keep, we have the possibility to keep it on our smartphone or upload it to the cloud.

From Android, we can take a look at our photos and videos from the application Records, which comes preinstalled in the latest versions of Android. There we will see the content stored and organized by images, audio, videos and documents. And if we click on the More menu in the upper right corner, we can filter the results by clicking on Sort by… and then selecting the option you want: by name, by date of edition, by size… Then we will only have to select each item and then click on the icon in the form of Dumpster.

How to free memory on iPhone and Android 9

From iOS, photos and videos are accessible from the app Photos. Do not confuse with Google Photos. In Photos we will see all the multimedia content that we have created or saved there. A glance will help us find videos and pictures that surely did not look good but we forgot to eliminate in his day.

With the tricks we have seen in this article we will have managed to gain space available to continue a good season. Obviously, there are many more things we can do to get more storage memory. The most drastic, for example, is to make a blur and restore the phone, but it is advisable to do a Google Drive or iCloud backup, depending on whether you use Android or iOS.

Other recommendations are cleaning within the apps that occupy more space, such as examples FacebookMessenger Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Telegram. Surely you see that you have duplicate photos and videos, abandoned conversations that occupy space and a long etcetera.