How to free up storage space on an iPhone

by Kelvin

There are times when the internal memory of our iPhone gives us the occasional headache. Either because our terminal does not have a high capacity series or because it is accumulating too much information on it. In this post we will see how we can free up space on our iPhone to be able to use it in a more comfortable way without worrying so much about storage problems.

How to free up space on iPhone

Squeeze iCloud to the fullest

The cloud storage service of Apple, iCloud, can be very useful for various procedures such as making backup copies. However also to free up storage space is a great help.



A good example of space saving with iCloud is with the gallery of Photos. Generally these files, especially the videos, take up a lot of space in our terminal, but we can continue to dispose of them without taking up so much space and without having to delete anything. The way to do it is by going to Settings> Photos and activating the option of «Photos in iCloud» and pressing on «Optimize storage».

Remember that by default we have 5GB of free storage on iCloud. However, this space is likely to fall short sometimes and that is why we have more storage rates. From 50GB for € 0.99 to 2TB for € 9.99. The way to hire more space is by going to Settings> your name> iCloud> Manage storage and pressing on «Change plan» We will find all the rates.

As to documents and files that you could have stored on the iPhone, you can also transfer them to iCloud Drive or any other cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. That way you can access them online without consuming space on the device.


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Infinite storage with Google Photos

Another method of saving space with photos and videos is to use Google Photos. With this method, unlike the previous one, you could not only keep all your photos on the device but also you will not have a storage limit as we will explain below. It should also be noted that you can access your entire gallery from any device iOS, Android or from a computer through the web.


You can download Google Photos in the App Store by pressing here. Once the app is installed and configured, for which you must have a Google account, you can configure to constantly analyze your entire iPhone native photo gallery in order to every time you save or make an instant it is stored in the cloud.

The storage of this can be unlimited if it is selected that the photos are saved in high quality. If you choose the option in which the original photo is retained, these will consume space from your Google Drive plan (in this we have 15GB free).

This option has its advantages such as the fact that you can delete your entire photo gallery from the iPhone and keep them on Google but also inconveniences. The main one is that having the photos in the cloud you will need internet connection to view them, either via WiFi or mobile data.

Don't get attached to apps you don't use

Surely on more than one occasion you have downloaded an app thinking that you would give it a lot of use and it has not ended up being like that. That or that you simply store some apps for the famous "just in case one day I need it". Well, these mantras are over if you want to free up space on your iPhone.


The unused apps they can take up a lot of space In our device, therefore we recommend reviewing our application drawer from time to time in order to uninstall those that we do not use.

Remember that from iOS 11 it is possible Automatically remove apps we don't use. The way to activate this option is to go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and activate the option «Unpacking unused apps». Of course, we must warn that having this option activated could cause the elimination of apps that we really want to maintain despite not using them daily.

Do you know any other way or trick to free up space on the iPhone? Tell us in the comment box.