How to get and catch Celebi in Pokémon GO

by Kelvin

How to get and catch Celebi in Pokémon GO 3

How to get and catch Celebi in Pokémon GO. Celebi is a new legendary Pokemon and you need to do many things to unlock it. The process is somewhat long and that is why we are going to help you with it.

If you want to get this Pokemon you must perform different challenges and specifically with the teacher's tasks about a geological phenomenon.


How to get and catch Celebi in Pokémon GO

The first tasks you have to do are very simple. You have to turn three little stops to hear three different gyms, catch 15 Pokemon and win a candy buddy while walking with your partner Pokemon.

As you do the above you must catch 10 Pokemon of different types such as fire, water, steel, rock, ice and grass.

Once you find them you can continue moving forward. After catching everyone you have to catch seven Unown, Turn three because you stop and then incubate three different eggs.

There are 26 different types of Unown that you can find in nature and each one represents a letter. Once you have done this and obtained all the letters you can get this nice Pokemon. That if you must first support this character in a mission that is not very complicated. Once you get over it, it will be with you.

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