How to get Spotify Premium for free

by Kelvin

We all like to enjoy music whenever and wherever, regardless of the moment. For this there is Spotify, this application that has not only caused revolution, but also has become essential in our electronic devices. The only problem that exists with it is how limiting it is because the best version of the app is paid. To solve this problem we will teach you how to get free Spotify premium for your device.

An application that should not be missing

Spotify: music and podcasts


As many applications have become essential in our mobile devices, whether messaging, photography, social networks, etc., A music application came to us that not only made our lives easier, but also improved our music experience.

However, this application has two versions: the totally free and the premium, which has many privileges. When you buy the free version you must overcome some defects, such as advertising, that you cannot download the music from the application, that you cannot put your playlist in random, in short, Spotify premium has a large number of benefits than the free version do not.

However, for this problem there is a solution that is not only effective, but will take a headache because you should not listen to that annoying publicity anymore. If your goal is to listen to music without limitations, here are the instructions on how to get Spotify Premium for free.

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How to get Spotify Premium free without complications

The process to get free Spotify is totally simple, you should not make any effort other than a couple of steps that turn out to be very easy and effective, so that, in a short time, you will be listening to your favorite music with the benefits of Spotify Premium , but without having to uncontrol your budget to pay for it.

Basically, all you have to do is faithfully follow the steps that we will take next so that your experience with the application improves dramatically. We must emphasize that this method is obviously foreign to the official application and therefore illegal, so its use will be solely under your responsibility.

Tutorial to have Spotify Premium for free

The way to get free Spotify premium carries some specific, but simple, steps that you must follow carefully, then we will explain them to you.

The first thing you should do is remove all traces of the official Spotify application on your phone, if you do not do this the procedure will be in vain and you will not be able to get what you want. To continue, you have to go to the menu of your cell phone, Settings> Security, there you will have to click on “Enable unknown sources”. This step is one of the most important and you should not overlook it.

You will then have to download the free version of Spotify Premium by clicking here. What will be downloaded is the modified version of Spotify Premium and with it you can get the benefits of the application without paying for it.

Finally, all you have to do is unzip is to install the APK you downloaded and once installed, create a new Spotify account from this version. And ready! Now you can enjoy your favorite music without limitations and without spending absolutely any of your money.

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