How to get the most out of your Dual SIM phone

by Kelvin
How to get the most out of your Dual SIM phone

How to get the most out of your Dual SIM phone

Dual SIM mobile phones have become very common nowadays. In fact, most devices that arrive on Android, within the middle and high range, are of this type. We have to get used to these types of phones, which present many possibilities for users, more than many people think.

Here we tell you more about Dual SIM phones. From what they are or how they work, to some tips with which to make the most of this type of smartphones on Android If you have one, or were thinking of buying one, it sure helps.


What is a Dual SIM phone?

His own name is very clear in this regard. When we talk about a Dual SIM phone we mean one that has two slots or a double slot, due to which two different SIM cards can be inserted in the same. In addition, the operating system itself has been configured to have such support and that these two cards can be used on it.

Having the possibility of using two SIM cards therefore allows you to have two phone numbers in the same. These types of phones allow both to be used at the same time, without there being any operational problems. It can be a NanoSIM in these cases, the type of card used in these phones, since they take up less space in that slot.

The design of the phone does not change at any time. The SIM tray remains identical, only in this case you have that space to use two SIM cards, there will be two slots instead of one. So you don't have to worry because a Dual SIM phone is going to be wider or thicker for that reason.

How to set up Dual SIM on the phone

Configure Dual SIM

If you have a phone of this type, you must first configure this option before you can start using the second SIM card in it. In case you already have the second SIM card to be used, you have to insert it in the slot. So, to allow us to use a second SIM in the phone, we will have to activate this option. It is something we do from the phone settings, following these steps:

  • Open phone settings
  • Enter the Wireless and network connections section (also called Network and Internet on some models)
  • Click on the SIM Card option
  • Activate this SIM

Depending on the brand on Android and its customization layer, the last step may vary. In some phones the second card has to be activated, so that it can be used as well. While others ask you to select which one you want to use on the phone at that time. The use of a Dual SIM smartphone may vary slightly in that aspect.

How to take advantage of this phone

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If you have a Dual SIM phone, you can take advantage of it in many different ways, since it provides us with a series of advantages or possibilities that other phones would not give us. So they become an option that may be of interest to many Android users.

Two lines on a phone

It is the clearest advantage that a Dual SIM phone provides. You can have two different phone numbers, which can even be from different countries, in a single smartphone. Ideal if you want to have your personal number and work number on the phone. Or if you have a national number and another from another country, you can have both on the device. Allows the phone to be used for both personal and work use.

Also, at the time when you don't want to use one of these lines, from the phone settings you can disable. This allows the number to not work for a while, if for example you want to stop using the work phone number on vacation. A good way to disconnect from work.

Clone applications

How to get the most out of your Dual SIM phone 1

Another of the great advantages offered by this type of phones is the possibility to clone applications. It allows in this way that you have two separate accounts in some applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Thus, the use of the device can be kept separate at all times. A work account and another personal account, which can allow a better management for the user at all times. Especially in those applications that are used to be in contact with people, such as messaging, can be important in this regard.

In order to clone applications on Android, many methods have emerged over time. There are applications such as App Cloner, which a user with a Dual SIM phone will be able to use and take advantage of in this way a lot on their phone. Thanks to this type of applications you can duplicate or clone those in which you want to have two accounts.

Use a foreign data rate or foreign SIM

If you go on vacation to another country for a while and you have a Dual SIM phone, but you only use one of them, you can buy a second SIM in that country. A prepaid card or a SIM to use only mobile data, so that it is possible to surf the Internet during that trip. It is a possible option thanks to this phone, which can be of great interest.

Especially if you travel to a country outside the EU, where it is not possible to navigate without paying additional money, as happens in Europe. This is cheaper and simple for these situations. When you return to the country of origin, we can get rid of this SIM without any problem, having been able to enjoy mobile data all that time, without having to pay extra money to make use of them.

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